The BR S White Ceramic Phantom by Bell & Ross

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The BR S White Ceramic Phantom by Bell & Ross

Will power, ambition, passion: this is how Bell & Ross got time to be on their side. Obsessed with perfection, they consistently pour all their savoir-faire into their sleek, impeccably reliable watches.

Faithful to its aeronautical origins, Bell & Ross is launching a brand new marvel of sparkling eclecticism: the BR S White Ceramic Phantom is a bold creation. Lighter, more urban, in short, more feminine. No frills, just glamour and freshness: this timepiece incites excitement and admiration alike. Its magnificent elegance all comes together around a ceramic white dial. Immaculate in its perfection, its monochromatic white color dares you to embark on an ambitious journey and ultimately discover all of the watch’s unimaginable desirability.

Beautiful by day thanks to a state-of-the-art antiglare feature, made possible by the watch’s sapphire crystal; ravishing by night thanks to a photo-luminescent coating that allows for total readability of the dial. A perfection combination that makes for an exceptional watch; a royal aesthetic united with formidable conformity. The watch’s bracelet innovates in its unique conception: a series of ceramic links attached around a rubber elastic band optimizes durability.

It is a watch with definite character and a no-frills attitude. This is what Bell & Ross is offering up to satisfy any and every feminine desire.

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