The Asymmetric Trio Dress Fall-Winter 2017-2018 from Duo Proenza Schouler

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“Since we’re leaving, we wanted to celebrate everything we love in New York,” explained Lazaro Hernandez, co-designer at Proenza Schouler alongside Jack McCollough. The duo chose to organize the Fall-Winter 2017-2018  runway inside a Greenwich Village warehouse. While they may be leaving for Paris, they haven’t forgotten everything they owe to the Big Apple, more alive than ever. With protests raging in the streets, Proenza Schouler thought up a woman that’s a tad more detached from reality, bringing a more sensual woman onto their catwalk. “For us, it’s not the time to stay home in a bathrobe and slippers, it’s the time to put on flats and a leather jacket, to go outside (…) and to fight for the things you want and the things that are right,” they explain together.

This engagement can be found in pieces as desirable as they are communicative, and the result is ravishing. The work with leather, superpositions, and asymmetries, the label’s signature, perfectly fits a woman in control of her body and her choices. The runway’s key dress was constructed around an asymmetric trio of colors and fabrics. This archi-textured piece lights up when its fabric is split to allow a hip to appear. Assonating curves and lines reveal a self-assured and reassuring Proenza Schouler woman.

Among these fabrics is a wealth of knits and leather, sometimes covered in more futurist metallic materials. On this topic, McCollough stresses that it’s “a type of plastic layer that gives them a garbage bag aspect.” The result is incarnated in an undulating asymmetrical dress that’s a must-have for Fall-Winter 2017-2018 .

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