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The history of this jewelry line began between 1931 and 1938. It was during this approximate decade that Monsieur Dumas wandered around the seaside, a small sketch book in hand. In 1937, he logged a design for an anchor chain, a substitute for the colossal ones used on boats. Some time later, he sketched the idea for a clasp resembling a subtle mix between a Brandebourg and a Kabig breton. Except that no fabricant wanted to make a silver style, preferring in those days to work only with gold or platinum. And so he confided the creation of the mock version to a bold man by the name of De Perçin. The rest is history.

This year, the brand is releasing a TGM “chaîne d’ancre 24” bracelet inspired by the link motif from the Chaîne d’ancre 2 fils. Here, the Chaîne d’ancre 24 motif is worked in volumes on a bracelet with generous curves that, adorned with an ingenious clasp with a folding buckle, finely interprets this icon from Hermès. To complete the line, Hermès slips a particularly hypnotizing jewel on our finger: a double ring that can be innovatively worn. Placed perpendicularly, two Chaîne d’ancre links simultaneously grace two fingers – a uniquely alluring elegance.

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