SPECIAL Vodkas: The Best of 2022 Season

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SPECIAL Vodkas: The Best of 2022 Season

Chic, vodka definitely is. But they all are not equal. To help you find your way around, Icon-Icon has put together a list of emblematic, innovative or very luxurious vodkas… To accompany the summer with the sweetest cocktails!

SPECIAL Vodkas: Summer Cocktails

Vodka has been steeped in symbolism throughout its 900-year history. From piety to power to sophistication, vodka is more than just a spirit; it is the nectar that has accompanied tradition and celebration for a very long time. Adopted by Hollywood, vodka was quickly glamorised. And in 1947, actress Joan Crawford made it a legend by organising a party where only vodka and champagne were served!

Icon-Icon has gathered the best vodkas, to drink on the rocks or in inspired cocktails. Inspired, in particular, by artistic and literary figures…

From Ernest Hemingway and his Bloody Mary – created in Paris to avoid his wife Mary’s anger – to James Bond and his mythical Dry Martini “shaken, not stirred”… Vodka never ceases to feed creative minds.

And in this, it is the Belvedere that stands out as one of the most iconic. Ĺ»yrardĂłw, Poland. This is where the Belvedere distillery is located – rye grain is processed here, grown in a luminous landscape of clear, transparent glacial lakes.

With six centuries of Polish tradition behind it, Belvedere vodka’s distillation techniques combine purified water, fire distillation and the iconic Dankowskie golden rye grain… It is these five successive distillations that allow Belvedere to create a vodka with such distinctive aromas – delicate and floral, spicy and fresh!

New this season, Belvedere lulls our summer nights with Belvedere Organic Infusion. A 100% organic range of three flavoured vodkas, with flavour combinations that are a delight to the palate.

“At Belvedere, we are committed to offering spirits with character, whose taste is a tribute to the land and its elements. The development of a new range of 100% certified organic vodkas confirms our commitment to nature and innovation, and demonstrates that we are listening to the expectations of today’s consumers,” notes Rodney Williams, President & CEO of Belvedere.

Tastes not usually found in the world of spirits, sublimated here by the Belvedere savoir-faire. Fresh, rich or subtle, each of these vodkas has a unique taste and character! Blackberry & Lemongrass, Lemon & Basil, with a hint of elderflower or Pear & Ginger, with a hint of linden honey… These are the Belvedere flavours for the coming season!

Grey Goose is also a vodka very much appreciated by aesthetes. Its exceptional taste, Grey Goose, comes from the selection of the best French ingredients… Created in France in 1997, in the Cognac region, internationally renowned for its spirits, Grey Goose is currently the only vodka in the world that benefits from the know-how and expertise of a cellar master. Made from winter wheat from Picardy, spring water from Gensac-La-Pallue, naturally filtered through the limestone soil of Charente, Grey Goose also offers a taste of Made in France excellence!

Icon-Icon’s selection of vodkas still offers the opportunity to discover innovative vodkas, which draw on the exceptional to give you a different taste of vodka. This is the case of Mamont vodka. The Siberian artesian water used for its production, combined with the triple filtration process, gives Mamont vodka an incomparable purity and sweetness!

It is also the fascinating distillation process of Crystal Head vodka that gives it its place in this selection. A very special vodka, filtered seven times, including three passages through semi-precious quartz crystals called Herkimer diamonds… That’s how delicious this nectar is!

Caviar and Vodka…

La vodka nous vient de la Russie ancestrale, et Icon-Icon propose de découvrir cet art de vivre dans sa globalité, à travers trois vodkas qui le révèlent.

La vodka blanche Kaspia qui, une fois associée au caviar, fait s’envoler les papilles vers des cieux pour beaucoup inédits ! Une vodka blanche qui, givrée au possible, a la délicatesse de rafraîchir le palais entre deux bouchées. De cette façon, chacune d’elle peut envahir les papilles, comme la toute première fois.

L’Orbe Caviar Vodka. Distilled like a new elixir, L’Orbe Caviar Vodka is one of the most sophisticated. A combination of the best spirits infused with caviar, one of the rarest and most sought-after delicacies… A very gastronomic encounter between vodka and caviar, which goes back to the Russia of yesteryear!

Guillotine Vodka with Petrossian Caviar… Launched in 2017, Guillotine Vodka also offers to revive the beautiful Russian tradition – vodka takes on its full meaning when accompanied by caviar. Here, it is the excellence of Petrossian Caviar that gives Guillotine Vodka with Petrossian Caviar all its ardour. A nectar in its own right that revives the very ritual of tasting…

For those who like to flirt with traditional purism, Icon-Icon selects Russian Standard Imperial Vodka. The ultimate vodka – it should be served straight from the fridge or freezer without ice, as is the Russian tradition…

Vodkas of the Moment…

Absolut Vodka has contributed to the culture of vodka by offering a different approach and a distinct taste. More silky, the Absolut Elyx vodka offers an even more noble expression of the Absolut taste!

For those who like their vodka a little bit special, here is Potocki Lithuanian Tallgrass… Made from rye from the fields surrounding the Potocki distillery, the oldest distillery in Poland, Potocki vodka gives you the chance to taste an artisanal double distillation process that makes it smooth and delicious!

Finally, the novelty of the season comes from the vodka Le Philtre – imagined by FrĂ©dĂ©ric Beigbeder, whose interview can be read here… It is presented around an original gastronomic gesture, in collaboration with the chef Yoni Saada…

La maison note :  « Le Philtre Organic Vodka s’associe au chef Yoni Saada pour proposer une harissa aux abricots secs imbibés à la vodka, Le Philtre évidemment ! Pleine de goûts et de couleurs, elle va devenir le nouvel indispensable des tables estivales. »

This selection of Icon-Icon finally proposes to discover innovative and sophisticated vodkas, which draw from the exceptional to give a different experience to taste…