SPECIAL Orange Blossom Perfumes Summer 2024

SPECIAL Orange Blossom Perfumes Summer 2024

A Selection of Orange Blossom Perfumes to Enchant Summer 2024!

SPECIAL Orange Blossom Perfumes Summer 2024: Summery Scents

Orange blossom perfumes are a true ode to summer, embodying the freshness and sweetness of sunny days. The orange blossom, from the bitter orange tree, is renowned for its delicate and captivating aroma, subtly blending floral and slightly sweet notes
 Used for centuries in perfumery, it evokes memories of Mediterranean gardens, walks under blooming orange trees, and fragrant summer evenings! Icon-Icon gathers here fragrances that capture the very essence of the summer season, bringing a touch of lightness and freshness to those who wear them.

And this SPECIAL Orange Blossom Perfumes Summer 2024 begins with Louis Vuitton’s Stellar Times fragrance.

“I wanted to go where no one goes anymore. Reinvent the notion of extract in a contemporary way. Add light, stretch the material, lighten it. Deconstruct the very architecture of the perfume. This is how the Collection des Extraits was born: five perfumes without top, heart, or base notes. To reveal in each the quintessence of each family.” explains Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the master perfumer of the house. Among them, specifically, a juice, Stellar Times, encased in a bottle designed by Frank Gehry. “I wanted to approach the project from a sculptural perspective. Bring something different to the perfume. It is not a finished geometric shape, it is just a movement. A visual movement with an ephemeral side to it.”

Stellar Times is an invitation to a subliminal journey through time, to rediscover the splendor of temple tales and gardens adorned with mosaics and marvelous fountains. This perfume reinvents classic amber, transforming it into a white amber, soft, woody, and deep, creating a unique and captivating fragrance. The top notes of Stellar Times are dominated by orange blossom, bringing a bright floral freshness. The heart of the perfume reveals vegetal amber, adding a woody softness and captivating depth. Finally, the base notes, composed of Peru balsam, add a leathery and resinous touch, perfectly completing this olfactory composition.

Parfums Fleurs D’Oranger EtĂ© 2024

Second in this selection is Chanel’s Paris-Riviera fragrance. It must be noted that the composition of the iconic Chanel N° 5, long kept secret and unchanged since its creation in 1921, contains essential orange blossom oil, also known as neroli. The bitter orange tree, originally from the foothills of the Himalayas, undertook a long journey before arriving in the West. Introduced in Spain by the Arabs, then brought back by the Crusaders, it is cultivated as a decorative and fragrant tree in Spain, Italy, and finally in Provence. In the Middle Ages, Grasse specialized in leather tanning and used local essences, including orange blossom, to perfume the leathers…

Precisely inspired by destinations dear to Gabrielle Chanel and imagined by perfumer Olivier Polge in collaboration with the Chanel Fragrance Creation and Development Laboratory, Les Eaux de Chanel welcomes an escapade around orange blossom


“PARIS-RIVIERA is a floral and luminous fragrance in the image of the joyful and sunny spirit of the CĂŽte d’Azur of the 1920s,” explains Olivier Polge. Just pronouncing its name conjures up a coast winding between the Alps and the Mediterranean. A promise of azure and bursts of sunshine, the Riviera evokes an enveloping softness and the laziness of summer.

From the extreme south near Italy and Monte Carlo to the Var, this Mediterranean coast attracted artists and creators from all over the world from the 1920s onwards. Gabrielle Chanel, introduced by her friend Misia Sert, began visiting the Riviera in 1920, reaching Monaco by car with Grand Duke Dmitri or taking the Blue Train south. During this roaring decade, she was seen on the CĂŽte d’Azur, alongside the Duke of Westminster on his yacht in Monte Carlo, at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, or at the SociĂ©tĂ© des Bains de Mer. On the heights of Roquebrune, she built her villa La Pausa, a haven of peace where she received many personalities such as Jean Cocteau and Salvador DalĂ­.

Inspired by this dreamed CĂŽte d’Azur of the 1920s, Olivier Polge created a bright and elegant fragrance. Paris-Riviera thus combines jasmine with an exceptional quality neroli, distilled from orange blossoms of Vallauris, in Provence! On the skin, Paris-Riviera leaves an airy, refreshing trail, evoking a veil of orange peel and petitgrain. The jasmine-neroli tandem brings an enveloping roundness, while benzoin balm and sandalwood add an irresistible softness!

At Dior, it is the Cologne Blanche eau de parfum that marks the trail of summer 2024. A classic floral silhouette, reinvented in a singular layering of neroli, violet, and satin-smooth amber, like a powdery caress on the skin. “This unisex eau de parfum emerges, luminous, with a princely allure and an architectural line. Light and airy, its volume is somewhat opulent. The assembly of Cologne Blanche reveals flawless elegance. Founding perfume of La Collection PrivĂ©e Christian Dior, Cologne Blanche is imagined as an essential of the range. A return to raw and sublimated materials, reinventing the classic gesture of cologne,” describes the house on Avenue Montaigne.

With the fragrance NĂ©roli Plein Sud, Guerlain pays homage to the adventurous spirit of Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry and his novel Courrier Sud. This captivating story depicts the life and travels of a pilot of the LatĂ©coĂšre company, crossing Europe southwards to Morocco, just as Saint-ExupĂ©ry himself did. At the time, pilots navigated without today’s sophisticated instruments, relying solely on visual cues like landscape details and building arrangements.

The fragrance NĂ©roli Plein Sud embodies this essence of adventure and courage with an elegant and refined olfactory composition: bigarade neroli essence and paradisone in the top notes, jasmine absolute and orange blossom absolute in the heart notes, and vanilla over-absolute in the base notes.

In tribute to Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s bold spirit, Guerlain created NĂ©roli Plein Sud to evoke the freedom and courage of pilots of that era. The vibrant freshness of bigarade neroli essence, combined with the richness of jasmine absolute and orange blossom, creates an airy and soothing veil on the skin. The gourmet sweetness of vanilla over-absolute adds a comforting depth, offering a fragrance that is both bold and captivating.

Parfums Fleurs D’Oranger EtĂ© 2024

Another perfect fragrance for summer 2024 is Fleurs d’Oranger — a cult and refined perfume from Serge Lutens’ Collection Noire. It is a scent that evokes happy and intimate memories. Created in homage to his arrival in Morocco in 1968, this fragrance captures Serge Lutens’ first olfactory shock, amazed by the sight of women gathering the white flowers of the bitter orange trees in large white sheets.

Each spray evokes the sweetness of Egyptian jasmine and the delicacy of white rose, enveloping the skin in an aura of happiness and serenity. This perfume is an unquestionable scent, that of pure happiness. “It is within us. From the bitter orange tree, more precisely its flower which is very fragrant, enhanced with a hint of civet, its radiance is a call,” explains Serge Lutens.

Each bottle of the Collection Noire reflects the rigor and character of Serge Lutens. Minimalist, straight, and angular, each container is a sobriety manifesto, enhancing the richness and sumptuousness of the juice it contains.

Parfums Fleurs D’Oranger EtĂ© 2024

Solar Blossom, a creation by Alberto Morillas for the Mizensir Parfums collection, transports one back to the childhood memories of Seville in 1960. This citrus fragrance evokes orange blossoms perfuming patios and the intense spring sun.

“I remember it as if it were yesterday. Orange blossoms perfuming the patio, the intense spring sun, and me, a little boy, focused on my vanilla ice cream. We often ate it when the temperature rose. At the time, we didn’t have air conditioning but we had ice cream! We were far from the sea but we dreamed of it. And the slightest breeze made us yearn for beach escapades,” recalls Alberto Morillas.

The top notes of Solar Blossom are a refreshing combination of bigarade neroli essence and paradisone. The heart of the fragrance reveals the richness of jasmine absolute and orange blossom absolute. The base notes bring a touch of gourmet sweetness with vanilla over-absolute.

Parfums Fleurs D’Oranger EtĂ© 2024

Olibanum, known for its pure and ethical olfactory creations, presents its 19th fragrance dedicated to neroli, an essential oil extracted from the white and fleshy flower of the bitter orange tree — the perfume NĂ©roli.

Carefully cultivated in the province of Khémisset in Morocco, the neroli chosen by Olibanum seduces with its floral, citrusy, green, and honeyed notes, perfectly capturing the essence of orange blossom in full spring bloom. Every year, the arrival of orange blossoms in April creates palpable excitement in the region. Thousands of women participate in the harvest, a crucial moment organized by the producer who ensures the daily transport of 1500 pickers to the fields.

The composition of the fragrance is a true olfactory masterpiece, where the sparkling bergamot marries the softest neroli, creating a fresh and floral alliance that blends with the infinite tenderness of honeyed jasmine. The whole is delicately enveloped in powdered musks, creating a musky cloud that subtly diffuses the light of neroli. Imagined by the nose CĂ©line Perdriel, she captured the very essence of this emblematic flower. As delicious as it is mischievous!

Parfums Fleurs D’Oranger EtĂ© 2024

The Azur collection, initiated in 2019 by David Benedek, is a vibrant tribute to the Mediterranean — a place full of childhood memories and unique olfactory landscapes. For this third opus, Villa NĂ©roli, David Benedek invites us to discover Capri, an enchanting Italian island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Inspired by the natural beauty and charming villas of Capri, Villa NĂ©roli by bdk parfums captures the essence of the Italian dolce vita, a sunny joy between optimism and serenity. Walking on the heights of Capri at sunset, David Benedek could only be captivated by the scents of bitter orange trees, those emblematic trees whose white flowers emit an enchanting fragrance. This new creation is a celebration of these magical moments where time seems suspended, between the sweetness of life and colorful floral scents.

Alexandra Carlin, the talented perfumer behind this fragrance, imagined a garden of bitter orange trees in Capri, overlooking the majestic Faraglioni. The top notes of Villa NĂ©roli are a sparkling combination of verdelli lemon from Calabria, Tunisian neroli, and Paraguayan petitgrain. The heart of the fragrance reveals an enchanting floral fusion of Moroccan orange blossom and Bulgarian rose. Finally, the base notes bring a warm depth with Madagascar vanilla, Madagascar vetiver, Sulawesi patchouli, and Spanish labdanum.

The perfume Sel d’Argent, inspired by the heights of Porticcio overlooking the Gulf of Ajaccio, captures the essence of childhood memories and intimate moments shared in the sensuality of summer. This fresh and white perfume evokes a sea breeze sprinkled with salt crystals, depositing a sensation of purity and freshness on sun-warmed skin.

“Sprinkled with salt crystals and bathed in sea spray, Sel d’Argent is a fresh and white perfume that seems to come straight from the sea. A fresh and salty breeze that deposits on sun-warmed skin a few salt crystals. A salty cologne where bergamot and grapefruit, enhanced by iodized and ozonic notes, hide the milky candor of a ylang-ylang and orange blossom duo. A sensual play on the skin that only new nature-respecting silky musks could convey. An ode to the freshness of the citrus of the Mediterranean islands,” indicates Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Flair perfumer!

Finally, it is the perfume Citrus Riviera that concludes this SPECIAL Orange Blossom Perfumes Summer 2024. A fragrance that transports you to Cap d’Antibes, evoking summer vacations spent with friends in a house hidden amidst wild flora.

Inspired by this Mediterranean coast, this perfume captures the characteristic flowers and citrus fruits of the region, woven by the Mistral and impregnated with sea air. Then heading inland where tender jasmine, orange blossom, and everlasting flower reveal themselves to the rhythm of the cicadas. These Mediterranean flowers, delicately flavored with eucalyptus, add a floral and herbal dimension to the composition.

Guided by the movement of the water, these notes set sail to meet patchouli and vetiver, offering a woody and earthy depth to the fragrance. The top notes of Citrus Riviera are a refreshing blend of citrus and sun-kissed figs. The heart of the fragrance reveals jasmine, orange blossom, and everlasting flower, delicately flavored with eucalyptus. The base notes are composed of patchouli and vetiver, adding a touch of depth and sophistication to this bright and summery composition. Created by perfumer Serge Majoullier of Mane, Citrus Riviera is a story of water, citrus, and sun!

Parfums Fleurs D’Oranger EtĂ© 2024