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SPECIAL COGNACS VS : an iconic selection

VS is for « Very special” – and icon-icon brings together the exceptional VS cognacs that have made this art of living great.

SPECIAL Cognacs VS : an art of living !

The designations VS, VSOP and XO refer to the age and quality of the cognac. Each corresponds to the length of time the brandy has been aged in oak barrels. In 1983, following a request from the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac), the French government issued regulations governing the terms used to describe the quality of a cognac. These designations, which may appear on the label, refer to the age of the youngest eau-de-vie used in the production of cognac.

The VS designation means « Very Special”. Behind these two letters, aficionados understand that only eaux-de-vie that are at least two years old have been used to make a VS cognac. Icon-Icon uses its expertise to select the best VS cognacs – highlighting houses that have elevated this spirit to the rank of art of living

And it is perhaps, Camus house that can claim to be the spearhead. In the five generations that the Camus House has been in the hands of the founding family, the philosophy has remained the same: creating the most perfect cognac, in harmony with the nature surrounding the Camus family estate. The Very Special Intensity cognac is one of the most famous of these expressions!

Working as hard as goldsmiths, the artisans of Camus’ expertise magnify Cognac by expressing, in every aromatic detail, the complexity and grandeur of the Camus terroir.

For the youngest of its cognacs, the house thus explores around this Camus Very Special a blend of eaux-de-vie carefully selected with the aim of capturing the Charentais soil. A cognac rich in fruity aromas with hints of spice – the Camus Very Special Intensity is also the cognac with the highest floral intensity in its category.

Another iconic cognac – the Hennessy Very Special cognac. It embodies all the mastery of the art of blending of which the house is the icon. Its unique style and stunning taste, Hennessy Very Special captures it in this combination of warmth and strength of character characteristic of this cognac… Here is one of the most famous cognacs, which reveals an ancestral savoir-faire!

In 1715, the Martell distillery inaugurated a bold new era in cognac production! 300 years of history are revealed in Martell VS single distillery cognac – a noble and powerful taste. A taste that is emblematic of the art of living.

And there’s more… Martell is the only one of the great cognac houses to double distil clear wines in order to preserve the fruity, authentic aromas of the grapes. This choice is the hallmark of Martell’s fine, gourmet cognacs – the very signature of Martell taste.

With Martell VS Single Distillery, the house takes this approach even further, and each bottle is thus assembled from eaux-de-vie from a single distillation source!

Courvoisier has also distinguished itself with a technique of its own. Aged longer than the minimum ageing time for VS cognacs, Courvoisier VS is left to rest for four years… The result? It is the successful expression of a know-how that earned Courvoisier the title of Napoleon’s favourite cognac… He took several cases with him to Saint Helena to ease his exile.

Here is another exceptional VS. The VS Petite Champagne, signed Rémy Martin… Undeniably a great name in cognac! It is an understatement to say that this VS Petite Champagne captures all the nobility of this terroir to deliver ecstatic flavours in the mouth!

This selection of the best cognacs continues with a Drouet creation. Created only with eaux-de-vie from the first Grande Champagne terroir, this VS cognac signed by Drouet expresses all the aromatic splendour of the region. A young and vigorous cognac!

Finally, it is the youngest of the great cognacs from the Frapin house that closes this selection. Since 1270, this family has been sublimating the Grande Champagne terroir in a cognac, of which this Very Special Premier Grand Cru expresses all the dynamics.

An art of living, therefore, to be meditated upon with a cigar… Or in a cocktail!

For this, you can follow the recipes of the emblematic houses, like those of Hennessy.

Hennessy proposes to reverse the structure of its Very Special around 6 seasonal cocktails, to be found here. Cocktails ranging from the Hennessy Ginger & Lime and Cucumber & Pear Punch to the more sophisticated Spicy Crush and Mediterranean Sunset.

All you have to do is taste them.