SPECIAL Candles: Olfactory Evasions…

SPECIAL Candles: Olfactory Evasions…

Embalm the interior with iconic or inspiring scents — the candles featured in this selection help distill an inspired lifestyle!

Special Candles: The Iconic Scents

Since 2019, Dior has been capturing its haute couture refinement in the chicest candles in the galaxy. High quality scents composed by the exclusive perfumer-creator of the house, François Demachy… who distills the key codes of Dior!

In these scented waxes, the splendor, and the olfactory echo of the couture of 30 Avenue Montaigne unfold in a collection of candles handmade with traditional wax techniques…

Among the most iconic, the Silver Muguet Cannage Candle! Because the lily of the valley symbolizes happiness, the superstitious Monsieur Dior espoused its symbolism — always a lily of the valley in his pocket, Dior is also famous for having little hands sew one into the hem of his high-end creations. sewing!

Another perfect candle to embalm its interior of the Dior universe — the candle that bears the name 30 Montaigne.

“I created 30 Montaigne in homage to the mythical address of the House, 30 avenue Montaigne, this candle recreates the spirit of the Dior salons around oriental and spicy notes,” says François Demachy.

Tinted with thesignature grey of Dior, it gives the room a powerful scent of sophistication

It is to Guerlain – Another emblematic house of perfumery- that we owe a collection of refined candles as possible. The ‘Art de Vivre’ collection is available in six candles from Haute Parfumerie, some of Guerlain’s own trail.

The house notes, “The rapture of a warm flame, the intoxication of a wake for the house and the assurance that the object will accompany you for a long time… Housed in a refillable black glass pot, the high-quality wax chosen by Guerlain is enriched with beeswax and is available in its natural shade. A new generous 220-gram format, it guarantees fifty-five hours of broadcasting. In keeping with its commitment to a more sustainable world, Guerlain offers a range of eco-friendly refills designed for its scented candles.”

In this collection of 6 Guerlain candles we particularly remember the scents Ylang d’Outremer and Bois des Indes.

Already inspired by the Indies and its myths, the Maison Guerlain, then under the presidency of Jacques Guerlain, edited the famous Shalimar… Today, the Bois des Indes candle from Guerlain takes us on a bewitching stroll. A scent thus described by the house “In this sacred land, the scent of exotic woods wet from the forests mingle with those of the spicy offerings. Sandalwood, so mystical, conveys a delightfully soothing sense of peace.”

Ylang d’Outremer carries the senses in this exotic and gentle composition — a composition that echoes the Tahitian Tales. “The shores are lush, and the hours are becoming dull. The wind carries scents of warm sand, oiled skin, ylang-ylang, and frangipani,” explains the illustrious Guerlain house.

The Yves Saint Laurent house, on the other hand, displays in a collection of candles the very sensual relationship of the designers’ genius with the material. In total, 5 candles representing the couture universe of Yves Saint Laurent give a sense of luxury, in its most voluptuous sense. Five fragrances that each embody an iconic piece from the YSL wardrobe: Tuxedo, Caban, Saharan… Thus dress the interior with scratches!

Maison Margiela has put in Replica handmade candles all the audacity of reminiscences that are, ultimately, the very DNA of the house. Highly inspired candles named after Lazy Sunday Morning, Jazz Club, Bubble Bath or By The Fireplace. The house explains that “Like perfumes, these high-quality candles evoke images, sensations, memories, and emotions that are both personal and universal. The notes of each candle perfectly match the fragrance that inspires it.”

Special Candles: The Ancestral Scents

Created in 1643, Trudon is now the oldest candle maker in the world… An exemplary expertise that, already in the seventeenth century, made Trudon candles the favorites of King Louis XIV.

The Cire Trudon candles smell as if they were alive — a myriad of daydreams -left to the most dreamer- escape from them! These candles, considered the most luxurious in the world, exude both visual and olfactory pleasure.

This year, the Trudon House is collaborating with the Conservatoire de l’Abeille Noire de l’Orne to preserve bees, echoing its motto, which since 1643 has sounded “Deo regique laborant” meaning “They (bees) work for God and the King”. And it is with the Wax Scented Candle that the house seals this commitment.

Trudon says about this that “The Wax Scented candle is an olfactory illustration of the Trudon manufacture: evoking a mixture of fragrances and hot waxes, its reach is symbolic. At the crossroads between ancient expertise, strong commitment and contemporary vision, the Wax Scented candle reveals a particular fragrance behind its amber glass, slightly speckled: that of the absolute of beeswax. Bees and beeswax are, by definition, at the heart of the history of the Trudon manufacture…”

Environmentally committed candles that are added to the collection of classics, including the Abd El Kader candles, mint tea, Balmoral and Carmelite are emblematic.

Another great name whose olfactory compositions are adored by the greatest… The Carrière Frères candles!

As a natural extension of La Manufacture Royale de Cire (now known as Cire Trudon) the Carrière Frères candles are undoubtedly the most prestigious.

The expertise developed by the Carrière brothers goes back to 1884… Because it is by taking an interest in the traditions of master waxes of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that the Carrière brothers were passionate about the idea of bringing them up to date. But the approach carries within it the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of this century.

With the idea of no longer reserving the use of religious candles, the house Carrière Frères will initiate a new art of living around the candle — now considered decorative objects, these decorate the tables with a new elegance and refinement for the time. In 1884, their vision was rewarded with a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

Always made in the Cire Trudon factory, the Carrière Frères candles retain everything of this craftsmanship. Its repertoire of 31 elegant candle scents is divided into 4 families – Flowers, Fruits, Woods and Herbs/Roots. This range of Soliflores perfumes awakens the exotic essences so dear to botanists and explorers of the 18th century… Candles with scents of grace and adventure!

And in this month of May 2022, it is a special collection of candles made with the National Museum of Natural History that embarks the senses! The house describes: “At the heart of the approach and commitments of Carrière Frères, botany takes on its full meaning: by diving into the unique collection of vellum and other illustrations of the Muséum National d’Histoire naturelle, Carrière Frères
light of unusual plants, exotic or full of history, renewing with the centuries of the great
British explorations. The result of this collaboration is three ennobling scents: Absinthe, Acacia and The Water Lily.

Candles whose ancestral expertise has the ability to fill interiors with fascinating scents… Since its foundation in 1221 in Florence by Dominican brothers, the house Santa Maria Novella produces candles whose magical scents bring to grace!

In its repertory, we notice notably the Fresia Scented Candle, with a sweet floral scent… The Cittá di Kyoto Scented Candle, which celebrates 40 years of twinning between Kyoto and Florence. The house describes the olfactory narrative as follows: «It is a floral bouquet, where the typical Tuscan notes of the iris, symbol of the city of Florence, marry with the sweet and sensual scents of the lotus flower, typically Japanese (symbol of Kyoto).»

The Melograno Scented Candle brings together the notes of Eau de Cologne and Granada in a composition that is sparkling and floral with citrus, in perfect harmony with the woody notes!

Juliette has a gun publishes Not A Candle — a non-conformist anthem in this atmospheric universe… Clean, pure, unique, the candle Not A Candle distills, in its minimalist look, a delicate fragrance composed of base notes of cetalox and musks!

The Compagnie de Provence publishes two candles — one Energizing, from Menthe Basilic… The Compagnie de Provence publishes two candles — one Energizing, from Menthe Basilic… The second, relaxing based on anise and lavender. Ancestral scents that since the dawn of time lull the emotion and the senses of mankind, to better reunite them with the beautiful nature of the Provençal hinterland!

Finally, it is the scents of the Armani house that punctuate this selection. Scented candles of the panache of the Italian house. In particular, the Red Malachite scented candle — “a powerful yet fragile journey through the Urals that inspired Giorgio Armani to imagine Red Malachite,” the house explains.

Or the Arabian Rose candle — a majestic ode to the essence of rose. A candle that Giorgio Armani himself reveals: Arabian Rose captures the voluptuous hedonism of the East. I wanted a scent of Damascus rose that sounded like a desert melody. I envisioned a heady rose scent, able to transport you towards its claimed sensuality.”

Another range of Armani candles composed to charm—the Pegaso range. In line with Armani’s elegance and Italian panache, Pegaso introduces 4 candles with racy scents! “Black Lacquer”, “Red Velvet”, “Green Marble” and “Gold Leaf” … Sophisticated waxes, captured in colorful glasses with timeless elegance.

Enough to dress your interior with more than delicious scents…