Rose Kabuki, when Dior met Japan 

Rose Kabuki, when Dior met Japan 

Winter 1955. Barely disembarked on the French soil, the Japanese Kabuki company marches toward the Avenue Montaigne. Received with a myriad of attentions, the actors discover with delight the first fragrances by Dior from a couple of years back. From Japan and from Asia, Monsieur always knew how to draw inspiration from a thousand sophistications. Thus, when the entitled nose of Dior house seeks to capture the essence of the Far East, it is in a very natural way that he pays tribute to this episode of history. 


Fueled by his travels, dreamlike and real alike, François Demachy’s inspiration reveals here a tender, aerial and most of all floral declaration. “I have wished to create a delicate rose dressed in powdered wooly musks in the likeness of traditional Japanese theater actors’ spotless appearance. She is rose at heart but shrouded in a white tone, halo to its petals. Its caressing softness stung by a sharp point. “Beautifully baptised Rose Kabuki, the fragrance evokes too — telling about that moment over powdered notes, when Japan’s ancestral culture met France’s elegance. 


Drawing from the tonalities and memories of Monsieur, Rose Kabuki completes the collection, or better still, the olfactory universe that is the Maison Christian Dior. A true love song for perfume, that goes through the most generous confection of candles and soaps… At the center of this perfumed “art de vivre” lies the fragrance Rose Kabuki, with its grace blossoming around delicate nuances. On a soft base, powdered musks display the “Kabuki” flower, surreptitiously taking a theatrical persona. But, when the edge of a cassis note comes to shake it and bring it to life, only then does the flower convey all its harmony! Better yet, the ending makes this Rose take a flight in a swirl of personality and soft mystery. A pearly, flattering hide-and-seek, a must discover.

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