Roland Garros and J.M. Weston: a “Moc” Celebration

This edition of the Roland Garros tournament is a bit special. Launched in 1987, this eponymous label that hosts the French Open is celebrating its 30th anniversary. To celebrate on the court, they’re teaming up with legendary brand J.M. Weston to honor a chic, precise, and powerful French style. These two French brands are uniting around the fundamental values of Roland Garros: elegance, heritage, performance, and emotion. For over 125 years, J.M. Weston has been releasing shoes for men and women with a breed of distinction anchored in beautiful quality and traditional savoir-faire.

Roland Garros and J.M. Weston could be understood as two symbols of French art de vivre; with no frills, the two brands are releasing the Moc’ Weston collection of shoes – three styles that are worthy heirs to the emblematic 180 moccasin. Confident and free, this shoe naturally takes the colors of the tournament itself: the ocher of the clay courts, the blue of the sky, and the white of the tennis court’s lines come together for three versions of the Moc’ Weston that are ideal for the coming season.

With two for men and one for women, these three styles of Moc’ Weston are presented without their interior back. Created with hides that were rigorously selected for their suppleness and support, you can see in the stitches and colors the contrasts of Roland Garros’ legendary courts. The shoe’s assembly takes place in the legendary Limoges ateliers that J.M. Weston has occupied since 1891. The result is a perfect alliance of these two French labels’ aesthetics, while the elegance it gives off is directly linked to the attention to detail and perfectionism that these two institutions swear by.

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