Renegade Rum : A Sublimated Terroir

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Renegade Rum : A Sublimated Terroir

Renegade Rum: the distillery has introduced its original expressions of Cane Rum; the Dunfermline and the Old Bacolet. Three expressions that magnify the Renegade terroir!

Renegade Rum: The Expression Of A Pioneering Distillery

The year is 2014, and it’s on Grenada, in the West Indies, that entrepreneur and current owner of the Waterford distillery in Ireland Mark Reynier found the ideal place to start his rum distillery in: “I immediately sensed that it was the right place for Renegade, after a 10 year long unsuccessful search.”.

Right there, on that soil, Mark Reynier found the perfect place for his ambition. He rapidly founded the Renegade distillery, whose Renegade Cane Rum is swiftly becoming its emblematic expression. It must be said that the distillery has been innovating, choosing a horizontal fermenting process, which truly is a first in the rum industry.

Longer lasting, this process especially allows for a more precise control over the rum production, which is translated by Renegade Cane Rum’s outstanding quality. Its subtle and fine flavors, balance and silky texture are also owed to the Grenada terroir.

A territory that is speciall protected from the Atlantic Ocean’s trade winds, and home to lush and lavish cane.

This year, the distillery is introducing the first nectars to leave its stills and is taking care to emphasise on their experimental character. In other words, each of the pre-cask Renegades, Pearls, New Bacolet and, as of now, Dunfermline and Old Bacolet are stamped with the boldness and oomph that Mark Reynier has brought to the rum realm. The house further states that “the will constitute, in time, a library of varied terroir rums with their own tipicality, and will soon see themselves be assembled to create a complex, profound and serious Renegade Cane Rum.”.

100% traceable, RENEGADE rum finds its originality in a distinct terroir. Every bottle of RENEGADE CANE RUM is equipped with its own CaneCode; once it’s entered on the brand’s website, it reveals a number of original and recreational contents, all linked to the production of the same rum. 

As we wait to discover more about these different rums, let’s see what is so iconic about the new Dunfermline Pot Still, Column Still and Old Bacolet.

Dunfermline Pot Still and Dunfermline Column: Two Fruits Of Renegade’s Boldness.

The Dunfermline expression is emblematic of the research that that Renegade has conducted in regards to distillation; worked in two separate ways, the parcel gives birth to a parallel approach: a first batch was worked in pot stills. The second batch, however, was worked in a column still, a more recent approach that allows for a continuous distillation. The pre-casks highlight both these distillation methods with Forsyth alembics, for one same variety of cane, harvested on one of the island’s terroirs. 

The parcel itself reflects the complexity of this unparalleled rum’s flavor. The house precised that “Today, four terroirs constitute the 26.22 acres of Dunfermline farmland with four other varieties of cane. For this particular rum, the cane variety that we use is Lacalome Red, harvested on lands known as Mango Lane.”.

It’s Devon Date, the master distiller, who best expresses the highlights of rum tasting. The Dunfermline Pot Still is, in his words, rounded and bold. It brings to the nose, in its water-like sallow aspect, “sweet flavors of fig, plum, date, raisins, all carried by a subtle caramel melody.”

In the mouth, the Dunfermline Pot Still offers the taste of raw exception: “A combination of golden raisin hues, a fresh spike of lemon, finished with a soft and smooth texture which reminds us once more of the caramel.”, as Devon Date explains again.

i regars to the Dunfermline Column Still, it is more refined and fruity than the Pot Still. In the mouth, its smooth and velvety texture unveil a clean, slightly sweet aroma. Finally, the Denfermline Column Still offers the taste of soft tropical tones which evoke pineapple and banana.

Old Bacolet Rum: The Fruit Of The Elements

The pre-cask Old Bacolet underlines the special and complex flavors of the Renegade terroir. A new expression of the Renegade Cane Rum, the Old Bacolet is extracted from its eponymous parcel on Grenada, one of the first parcels to be harvested by the French, as soon as the year 1800!

“The cane is abundant thanks to the environment: A flooded plain nestled between two rivers and alluvial soil, Plains Clay Loam and Woburn Clay, as well as an elevated water table. For this rum, the Renegade team has harvested the fast growing cane variety dubbed Cain, on the Riverside terroir.”, details the house.

Onto finer things: what does the Old Bacolet taste like? Once again, Devon Date will grace us with the highlighs of the Old Bacolet: “On the palate, the rum has a robust cinnamon and chili taste, with very soft nuances of sweet grilled hazelnut which complement the spice by creating a delightful, dry and long finale.”.

Three bold and innovative expressions of rum, to discover as of now at the heart of the chic Maison du Whisky in Paris.