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Before belonging to Ray-Ban, Aviators were sunglasses that were conceived by American optician Bausch & Lomb. It was in the early 30s that this New York-based optician got a special order from the US Air Force. They were looking for particularly filtered sunglasses for their pilots to protect them during maneuvers in strong light conditions. With the nature of their lenses and their extremely fine metallic frame, Bausch & Lomb’s aviators were a perfect fit and, in 1936, the optician was authorized to commercialize them. It was first under the name “Anti-Glare” that these unique lens-shaped glasses were released. The following year, the image was rethought and, under a new label, they were presented to the public – the Ray-Ban brand, specially created for the occasion, would henceforth be indissociable from the model.

An airy line and unparalleled efficiency that would soon light up faces across the world. The list of personalities that have worn them is too long to cite, but it’s safe to say that their carefully groomed and classy look as well as the glasses‘ ultraclear vision have made them the prerogative of anyone on a quest for liberty. All this has been going on for 80 years. But the model remains loyal to its legend: its yellow photochromatic lenses, sensitive to light and able to darken in accordance with light conditions and temperature, are perfect for seeing without being seen…

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