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The first style of Ray Ban Aviators? They were thought up and developed by the US Air Force. Their primary goal was to protect these heros of the past against the harmful rays of the sun during high-altitude flights. It was in 1937 that these “anti-glare” sunglasses were first sold. With their plastic frames and characteristic raindrop lines, Aviators would quickly take over America. Year after year, Ray Ban brings their allegorical style to the next level; renamed Ray Ban Aviators in 1938, they also switched to metal for the rims. This time, Ray Ban is rereleasing its icon in an outlandishly luxurious version.

Expressing both the determination to do good and an undeniable casualness, Ray Ban Aviators have lost nothing of their original superbness. To top them off with something even more exceptional, the brand has given their emblematic facade and bows a Midas touch. This new edition is adorned with prestigious G-15 polarized lenses. The polarized filter and anti-reflective coating allow for 360° anti-glare protection, more than a match for any source of blinding light. Finally, this exceptional piece will be released in two sizes: 55 and 58. Available in November, you’ll have to act fast, since Ray Ban will only be releasing 1,200 numbered copies of these shining examples of aesthetic prowess.

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