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Ever since their first appearance on the streets in 1968, Puma Suedes have never ceased to evolve like a true epic saga. An essential piece in the basketball realm, an eternal witness of the most progressive decade in the history of humanity, Puma Suedes became famous thanks to a racetrack star from the 60s, Tommie Smith, before becoming legendary on the feet of Walt Clyde Frazier, basketball legend of the 70s… In the early 80s, the Suedes came back front and center, this time in the hip-hop scene. Helping the B-boys orchestrate and magnify their beats that would hypnotize all of New York through the newly minted break technique, these Pumas ended up becoming the tool for a generation in search of emancipation. After all, they do offer a rare freedom of movement.

It’s no surprise than that punks were attracted to it, followed by skaters. No matter who’s wearing them, the Puma Suedes are emblematic. Practical with an adhesive rubber sole, their style is one of their most enduring qualities. A plush leather upper part and a variety of available colors all contribute to making them an icon among sneakers.

Today, Puma has decided to reach out to youth by introducing an ad campaign on Snapchat. Worn by trendsetters from the music and entertainment worlds such as hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd and rapper Young Thug, the Suedes have definitively entered the 21st century. As a fun nod to their past, Puma chose legendary underground photographer Jamel Shabazz to capture the neighborhood vibe in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, in a photo series. Since Shabazz contributed immensely to the popularization of the Suedes in the 80s, these new shots of urban culture and the New York hip-hop scene are sure to make it around the world! Check it out on social media and in Puma stores worldwide.

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