Maison Dilettantes – Champagne tasting

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Location: Dilettantes House

Price: from 29 € to 35 €

Dilettantes offers a selection of more than 150 rare and authentic champagnes, all orchestrated by true winemakers. You will taste a glass of champagne, in 2, in the vaulted cellar of the seventeenth century, in the middle of the bottles elaborated by artists. You will then be able to follow your desires, continue the tasting by discovering confidential cuvées of champagne and explore the 4 large regions where the three Champagne grape varieties flourish (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier). You will taste and differentiate what makes the magic and mystery of champagne: the terroir, the grape variety, the year, the blend… You will discover that Champagne is not only the favorite drink of the French during the aperitif, it is also a wine that goes wonderfully with a meal, provided that we pay attention to the accord with the dishes! You can also leave with the cuvées tasted. All the bottles are ready to be taken, already in the cool. Discover the terroirs of Champagne through 3 winemakers selected for the quality of their champagne and their authenticity.