Great Escapes Greece. The Hotel Book

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This beautifully illustrated book will introduce you to the splendour, the history and the most chic lifestyles inherent to Greek islands — confidential hotels, but also films and books recommended by Angelika Taschen!  

Author: Angelika Taschen

Publishing House: Taschen

Publication Date: February 2021

Greece is the land of gods and scholars as well as the birthplace of democracy and Western philosophy. Completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, it is also one of the most popular vacation destinations — and has much more to offer than just the blue and white islands of the Cyclades. In this illustrated book from our Great Escapes series, Angelika Taschen presents the most beautiful hotels in this multifaceted country. Each place is presented with magnificent photos and a description, supplemented with useful information, such as details on how to get there, as well as book and film recommendations.