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Why do all yachts dock in the same place, and have been for generations? The scandal-infused and champagne-soaked history of the flagship jet set and luxury destinations is revealed here – through the prism of the past but above all in the present!

In this Destination category, Icon-Icon is interested in why and how did an island, a city, a village become flagship destinations for a handful of happy-new people?

As soon as commercial jet travel spread in the late 1950s, the international elite have indeed built a lifestyle around flagship destinations, flying from one glamorous place to another … Rome, Paris , Capri, Mykonos, Acapulco, New York, London, Rio, Nassau, Gstaad, Courchevel, Cannes, Saint Bart, Monaco, Saint-Tropez or even Portfofino and Ibiza… Movie stars, producers, industrialists, heiresses, artists, singers opera, polo players, aristocrats, dancers, models, playboys and others found themselves in places that were initially intimate and confidential – enchanting places destined to become icons in their own right!

What would Saint-Tropez be without Signac, Maupassant and Brigitte Bardot, for example? What would Capri be without Jackie O, and her favorite pants that took the name of this jet set island? What would have become of Coco Chanel if she had not stayed in Deauville, the time to be inspired by the beige of the beach, and the elegant women of the Deauville racecourse?

Here is what is revealed in the course of these articles – places like so many enchanting places where little stories feed into the great history of fashion and lifestyle. Cities of art, cities of pleasure, chic or bohemian cities that have rocked a number of aesthetic revolutions. And artistic!

A thrill of exclusivity, a beautiful setting, attentive service in luxury or haute bohemian hotels and restaurants, a pleasant place to socialize with attractive people, a difficult journey requiring perseverance or private browsing… Number of these destinations respond to an impressive number of superlatives!

Discover the world and what is behind the flagship fashion and luxury destinations – Icon-Icon takes you to Capri, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez or Miami, Deauville or Quiberon. Saint-Germain-From-Près too. Because what matters here is to trace the thread of those towns, villages, neighborhoods or islands that have served as creative breeding grounds for art, fashion and luxury. At the initiative of new lifestyles, too. And it is through the prism of personalities no less iconic that these stories are told.

In this category we come across icons of art, luxury … From Maria Callas to Picasso, including Valentino Garavani, Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones, Mick Jagger and many others! The places that tell of this legend still rub shoulders in this category with the new destinations that write the one of tomorrow – because the world, however small it is now with new means of transport, is nonetheless filled with magical places still unexplored!