Beige Chanel

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The Exclusives of Chanel are perfumes never smelled before – the Beige perfume, on the other hand, showcases Chanel’s key color. It was in Deauville, on the beach, that Coco was struck by the voluptuousness of the sand caressed by the sea. This beige became one of her strongest signatures. The floral and honeyed accord of Beige is in its image: soft and natural. “I take refuge in beige because it is natural” said Gabrielle Chanel.

Name of the product : Beige

Brand : Chanel

Composition : BEIGE is a voluptuous fragrance with an intense hawthorn-freesia-frangipani accord subtly enhanced with honeyed notes.

Beige, a soothing shade, offering shelter from the chaos of the world. A colour with a natural sophistication that enhances those who wrap themselves in it. The floral and honeyed accord of BEIGE is in its image. A beautiful haven to get lost in and find your true self.