M7 Oud Absolu Yves saint laurent

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Carnal and erotic, this perfume is a break in the segment. The YSL house only said that “M7 Oud Absolu is the culmination of man’s liberation of his body and sexuality; it is the most expressive of YSL’s perfumes for men, and the most direct, with which men discover themselves, to the edge of provocation.”.

Name of the product : M7 Oud

Brand : Yves saint Laurent

Composition :

M7 is the men’s fragrance that represents the climax of man’s liberation in his relationship with the body and sexuality: the most expressive and direct fragrance for men from YSL.
A resounding disruption for a men’s fragrance of excess, the first to use an oud accord: it merges with myrrh and cistus to create a warm, intense and fascinating fragrance for men.

Mandarin gives a top opening and delivers singular vibrancy, whereas a very potent patchouli wood facet provides depth and addictive tenacity.