Dawn Frederic Malle

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Editing perfumes like a maison edits novels. The Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle aims to tell a story to each nose. That of the perfume Dawn through the nose Carlos Benaïm recounts the promise of dawn. “The first light brings the energy of the new day to the world. Calm and regular, the light grows to the rhythm of the beating of hearts and announces the arrival of the sun god. Everything becomes possible.”

Name of the product : Dawn

Brand : Frederic Malle

Composition : Top notes: Turkish Rose Oil, Pink Pepper
Middle notes : Turkish Rose Absolute, Olibanum
Base notes: Oak-moss, vetivern, labdanum, oud.

Mystic daybreak.

As night dissipates, so comes the dawn. In the precious moments before the morning sun brings first light, and her first blazing heat, the waking Middle East takes spiritual pause; lyrical call to prayer inspires the quiet gathering of energy for the day ahead.

At the perfume’s core, an abundance of natural oud. Deceptively simple, its magnificent texture is faceted by a host of supporting characters: a refreshing opening of rose and lively pink pepper. Labdanum and vibrant frankincense bring extra warmth as oak moss provides a dark focal point. Diffused yet powerful, an allegory for the serenity and solitude of the day’s first moments.