Rose Ebène Caron

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“I created an irresistible contrast between the fresh, delicate note of rose and the full-bodied, slightly smoky scent of black coffee.” Jean Jacques, perfumer from the Maison Caron, has infused this fragrance with the audacity of the Maison Caron. That one who, since 1904, orchestrates the most beautiful perfumes of French high perfumery!

Name of the product : Rose ébène

Brand : Caron

Composition : This creation reinvents the rose. In this amber, floral, woody fragrance, the queen of flowers lowers her mask to reveal a fiery and powerful heart! The idea of our perfumer, Jean JACQUES, was to combine the intense, leathery scent of natural coffee extract (obtained by CO2 extraction) with the delicate floral scent of Turkish rose essence.

Our rose, enhanced with a hint of cardamom, creates a world of contrast; dark yet opulent. The coffee extract, accompanied by a leather accord, birch wood and styrax, enhances its smoky notes to perfection. In the fragrance trail, essences of patchouli and vetiver darken the composition lending it a deep woody base.

A fragrance of light and shade.