Printed Cloth by Prada: Ugly Chic For Spring / Summer 2022

The iconic Prada prints can be found in the Menswear collection for the spring and summer 2022. A collection which, using the aesthetic vocabulary of Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada, embodies the quintessence of the Prada spirit.

“A sense of utopia, ideal, hope, positivity. Exposing yourself to nature, going to the beach, that’s freedom. It’s utopian. It is really as much primary need as an intellectual need. The statement of intent for the Prada Spring / Summer 2022 show thus clarified the aesthetic vision of Prada for the coming season. A man who wears Prada prints with pride has made ugly chic the hallmark of the house’s daring refinement!

Prada: Ugly Chic

Shot at Fondazione Prada, the video that introduced the collection is an ode to this newfound freedom – an ode also to the chic, light and inventive spirit of the Prada house. To music composed by DJ Richie Hawtin, and around a beauty treatment by the emblematic artists Pat McGrath and Guido Palau – Prada men thus go from an urban environment to a large maritime space, without the shadow of a stylistic doubt!

The Prada silhouettes seamlessly combine ugly chic Prada prints and the elegance inherent in urban life. In stylistic associations that first advocate freedom of tone, we therefore find Prada’s iconic ugly chic prints on tops and shorts, a bit more fitted than usual. Associations which, again, skillfully associate bob hats from Pocono, Prada’s favorite material, with suit jackets, shorts and brogues… All for a look that Raf Simons wants first and foremost to communicate joy!

“The main feeling is that of joy. It’s almost like that memory of when you were a child, the joy of a child going to the beach. The simplest and most honest of pleasures. In all its simplicity, it is also something very meaningful and timeless.” Like this Prada Spring / Summer 2022 collection.