Prada Candy L’Eau by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola

“Je m’appelle Candy”. Next to her, two men try to steal the spotlight. The mischief in the air is as electrifying as the scent that is riling these two gents up: Candy l’Eau, the new Prada perfume.

 Miuccia Prada has called on three talents from the cinema world: Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, for the direction, and Léa Seydoux in whom “Candy found her alter ego”. Leading up to the full release in May, Prada will unveil twelve seconds of their new ad every Monday. It’s already easy to imagine its colorful, peppy, and explosive vibe! The first images unveiled reveal an enigmatic love triangle, very “Nouvelle Vague”, in a lively and vaporous atmosphere. The situation is comical, but the emotions are serious. In a retro movie theater, squished between two apathetic men – Jules and Gene – Candy greedily devours her popcorn. This isn’t by chance, either; the fragrance is just as jarring as ever.

 Rebellious and sparkling, the new version of Prada’s Candy envelopes the wearer and allows them to leave a vivid trail of seduction. In the head note, drops of caramel can be detected. In the heart note, sophistication is conveyed through citrus mixed with a duo of Sicilian mandarin and lemon. Finally, an overdose of benzoin white musk awakens the sensuality of the scent. Perfumer Daniela Andrier is thus emulating the new Prada girl: full of life, audacious, and completely carnal.

 This time around, Léa Seydoux is incarnating this feminine aroma in a nude dress, while the liquid itself is dressed up in an art deco flask. Light pink, beige, and gold, the aura of the geometric bottle has changed to make for a softer, more refreshing aesthetic. This is how Prada is capturing, or imitating, the beginning of spring.



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