Porsche Mission R – The Filigree Future Of Automobile Sport?

As you might know, the future of motorsport is electric, not only for models destined to roads but also the ones dedicated to the race tracks.
At the Munich Salon, Porsche presented the Mission R, a concept car which is a sort of blueprint for the sports car of tomorrow. With around 1100 horsepower under the bonnet, this prototype could finally end up being produced and become an inspiration for more than one model of the Porsche cars series, especially the Cayman and Boxster, which might be 100% electric powered by 2024.

However, this has yet to be the topic of discussion. Let’s focus our attention on this surprising concept car where aerodynamics have been pushed to their limit. Aesthetically, the LEd lights at the front of the car reminds us of the Taycan, the brand’s electric sports sedan, whereas the 3D effect band at the back of the car is a sort of hommage to the world-famous 911.

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Porsche asserts that their new concept car is sustainable, with components fabricated from natural materials such as linen, for example. This material is used for the front splitter, the diffuser, the side skirts and the seat. The monohull itself, however, is made from carbon fiber in order to reduce the vehice’s weight; indeed, the main issue with electric cars is often the weight, especially because of the batteries. We will come back to this topic later on.

Inside, the screen placed in front of the driver shows the images from the cameras placed at the flanks and at the back of the vehicle. The telemetry system is placed in plain sight on the wheel. Moreover, an additional screen can be installed to control the driver’s biometric information. Apart from these few elements, we feel like we are in a racing car, refinement being a lesser concern for the manufacturer in regards to the driver. But if this Mission R concept car reveals the future Cayman and Boxster, Porsche will surely focus on making its models more practical for everyday life.

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Let’s now take a look at the very heart of this beast. It is not a flat-six, which is usually preferred by Porsche, but a trifling matter of two electric engines. One of them is placed in the front and develops up to 435 horsepower, while the other at the back is capable to deliver 653 horsepower. The total is around 1088 chevaux. The car can climb up to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, and has a top speed of around 300 km/h. Nevertheless, there is a small subtlety, the 1088 horsepower is available at qualifying, as a preamble to a “Porsche Mission R Cup”, if we take the example of the Porsche Carrera Cup that exists today.

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In fact, during racing, for reliability, the car reaches only reaches 680 horsepower. Thanks to its 900 volt architecture and to the Porsche Turbo Charging technology, Mission R only needs a 15 minute break from racing to charge the battery from 5% to 80%, thanks to its 340 kW charging power. Porsche assures that the prototype guarantees the same time on the route as the actual 911 GT3 Cup, enough to appeal to future Gentlemen Drivers, who are in search of strong emotions but express little care for the environment.

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