Pomellato Iconica: Special Collection for Valentine’s Day

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Pomellato Iconica: Special Collection for Valentine’s Day

Colourful, voluptuous and made with love – the jewels of the Pomellato Iconica collection also express the strength of the union in a conception that is unique to them!

A reference to the 1960s, the Iconica collection by Pomellato dates back to this revolutionary decade, when audacious aesthetics ended up defining today’s standards! And speaking of audacity, Pomellato’s can be summed up in one word — colors.

Indeed, the Milanese brand introduced to the world a closed strand of jewelry with sumptuous, voluptuous and hyperbolic pop colors and lines! From this chic become iconic, the Iconica collection celebrates the beauty of volumes, but especially the complexity of colors and motion not used much in jewelry.

The brand explains: “The Iconica rings and earrings with double bands are both simple and deeply symbolic, eloquently expressing the strength of the union in a very Pomellato fashion.”

Pomellato Iconica

Ideal for Valentine’s Day, the colors of the jewels of the Pomellato collection are a little more embellished with the addition of sapphires, emeralds, rubies and vibrant diamonds! Precious stones which symbolize love; That is enough to translate into pop and sophisticated pieces the emotional experiences of love…

“For some people, sapphires bring to mind the purity of infinite love and rubies, the fire of passion. The soothing green of emeralds promises hope and peace, while the timeless diamond symbolizes eternal union,” Pomellato says.

Therefore among these pieces, the double band rings highlight the chic of Milanese elegance — two gold rings united by a flat transverse link… Two pure and perfect shapes linked forever: the clear expression of a romantic encounter .

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