Plaza Athénée 2022 : the epitome palace in paris

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Plaza Athénée 2022 : the epitome palace in paris

The Plaza Athénée 2022 is one of the most renowned establishments in Paris – one goes there for its impeccable service, the glamour of its history and, above all, for the absolutely divine rooms and suites that this beautiful Parisian hotel offers…

Plaza Athénée 2022: First Palace in Paris

The Plaza Athénée 2022 hotel is considered by all to be the first palace in Paris. And it is true that it is the first hotel in Paris to receive this distinction in 2011. On closer inspection, its history is intrinsically linked to the French art of living, and to the history of Haute Couture…

The first lines of the Plaza Athénée Hotel 2022 were written in 1911. At that time, palaces were springing up on the west coast of France, and Jules Cadillat decided to lay the foundations of the Plaza Athénée hotel on Avenue Montaigne. At the time, the installation of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris, a stone’s throw from the future Plaza Athénée hotel, convinced him…

Thus conceived as the place to spend the evening after a show, the Plaza Athénée Hotel 2022 was directly linked to the cultural life of Paris from the outset. In 1913, Paris saw the inauguration of the Plaza Athénée hotel and the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in quick succession… The palace, however, was not yet called Plaza Athénée.

Because, rarely is a legend of luxury and the art of living born without a hitch. The name Plaza was already in use; a competitor threatened to sue the hotel company… Emile Armbruster, general manager at the time, decided to add Athénée – the Plaza Athénée, a name with a certain cachet.

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The establishment quickly became one of the most popular in Paris. Its panoramic view, stretching from Avenue Montaigne to Montmartre and the most splendid view of the Eiffel Tower – including the legendary Eiffel Suites – helped make it the place to be for a drink or a stay in Paris…

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Over the years, the reputation of the Plaza Athénée Hotel has crossed borders. Grace Kelly, Gary Cooper, the Ford family and Kennedy have all stayed here, and the hotel has proved its exceptionality through service worthy of a princely savoir-recevoir. The spirit of innovation of the successive managers has made it a standard of quality, excellence, gastronomic know-how and refinement, as the decoration combines the elegance of tradition with modernity. This is undoubtedly why a certain Christian Diordrew the inspiration for his New Look revolution…

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Plaza Athénée 2022: The Epicentre of Fashion, Luxury and Glamour in Paris

Christian Dior liked to spend late afternoon drinks at the Plaza Athénée, and it was the bar of the palace itself that inspired his flagship creation – the Tailleur-Bar.

Straight shoulders, slightly drooping in profile, an extremely wide skirt covering the calf, and a very slim and tight waist, constituting the anchor of the whole outfit – the Bar ensemble was a hit that day in 1947, in the salons of 30 Avenue Montaigne.

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The line is intended to symbolise femininity and absolute elegance. The designer said he wanted “my dresses to be constructed, moulded on the curves of the female body, stylising its curves. I accentuated the waist, the volume of the hips, I emphasized the bust. By harmonising everything with a three-metre lining of percale and taffeta, Christian Dior was reviving an old tradition.

When Christian Dior opened his boutique on Avenue Montaigne in 1947, the clientele changed. The new era began and made this the road to Haute Couture.

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And the 145 rooms and 45 suites of the hotel reflect the luxury and elegance of this couture… Peaceful, sumptuous, refined rooms… “. Like so many melodies with pure lines and soft light, chic and relaxed, our freshly renovated Art Deco rooms and suites await you on the seventh floor” notes the prestigious establishment!

Haute Gastronomy At The Plaza Athénée: Reviews Of Exceptional Service

At the Plaza Athénée Hotel, five restaurants and bars offer a service commensurate with the prestige of the palace.

Places of high gastronomy “where time and space symbolise the ultimate luxury in which to enjoy creativity and incredible dishes” as described in the Plaza Athénée 2022. And it is Chef Jean Imbert’s restaurant at the Plaza Athénée that has caught the eye of the Michelin Guide, which has awarded it a star. The chef draws on recipes from France’s heritage – some of which date back 250 years – to deliver an inspired and inspiring cuisine. The Michelin Guide notes:

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“Often a pioneer throughout its glorious history, the mythical palace on Avenue Montaigne will always surprise us. By entrusting the reins of its grand table to the media-friendly Jean Imbert, it has unleashed a veritable thunderbolt in Parisian gastronomy. The “chef of the stars” with his mischievous smile also takes us where we did not expect him: surrounded by a high-flying team, he sets about revisiting the classic treasures of the national repertoire with generosity and greed (lobster and lobster in Bellevue, Orloff veal, Richelieu beef, a farandole of desserts presented with gusto by the duo of pastry cooks…) The décor has also been revamped, in a classic chic spirit that restores the lustre of the gold of the Regency salon. Sitting at the majestic central marble table d’hôte, how can you not be seduced?”

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An absolutely ravishing palace, whose splendid façade with red Plaza blinds, covered with Virginia creepers and geraniums, has not finished writing the most beautiful pages of the art of living in Paris.