Partisan Collector: Label Parisien, craftmans and commited.

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Partisan Collector: Label Parisien, craftmans and commited.

Partisan Collector is the Parisian leather goods label that aims to give meaning to luxury—the noblest expression of leather work, in timeless, tailor-made and ultimately very limited pieces.

The modern tailor-made by Partisan collector

Founded in February 2020, the Partisan Collector label was born from the meeting between Mathias Lepetit and Patrick Vachey – a meeting sealed around their passion for the nobility of craftsmanship, and their vision of luxury back in their time.

Because at a time when the duo is founding the Partisan Collector label, both want to reconnect with a practice of saddlery and leather goods focused on the beautiful and the unique. To do this, the two founders are returning to the first expression of craftsmanship in order to offer, from the beginning to the end of the production line, respectful pieces: unique pieces respectful of the environment and especially respectful of traditional craftsmanship.

In concrete terms, the Partisan Collector label is voluntarily reducing its production to give only the finest expression of the expertise of Parisian saddlery and leather goods. And this translates into durable pieces, whose reduced and reasoned production meets very specific criteria.

By focusing the manufacture of its collectors or permanent items around a model based on the short circuit and a production limited to 365 pieces per year… Partisan Collector meets contemporary environmental constraints through traditional craftsmanship!

The label states: “to minimize our environmental footprint by manufacturing our models in Paris using existing material from overproduction and available locally. Partisan Collector only chooses exotic hides and skins of the highest quality, all from the overproduction of French luxury and exclusively tanned in France or Europe, in compliance with the environmental and social standards in force. These leathers escape incineration and burial. “

Committed to the survival of an expertise that is too often neglected, the label also gives back to the leather trade its nobility. It is, indeed, a single craftsman who makes, from end to end, the Partisan Collector piece that is attributed to him. It is alone that a single makes, from end to end, the Partisan Collector piece that is attributed to him.

The label goes on to say: “Every craftsman has the, now rare, skill of being able to make a piece from the beginning to the end, from the cut of the leather to the finishes; all master the techniques of hand and machine sewing. They perpetuate a secular profession in all the variety of its gestures. Everyone engages in a dialogue with matter and has the time necessary for its transformation.”

The artisanal expression is also complemented by a very contemporary tailor-made approach. Mathias Lepetit and Patrick Vachey take advantage of each order to guide the customer through a journey to the heart of this craftsmanship of excellence.

And it is precisely this approach that gives all the stamp of the pieces of the label!

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“Pre-order, wait (between 1 and 3 months) and the invitation to take part in the design of your bag allow you to reconnect with a more active attitude in order to purchase in consciousness an object made to last. Hand-sewn saddle stitching or machine stitching: everyone will be free to choose the level of detail that will satisfy their requirements,” explains the label behind these true collectibles objects.

Partisan Collector: The Permanent Collection.

What items are we talking about? Partisan Collector has the chic to offer, unique pieces, among two lines gathered in a permanent collection. But here again, in order to counteract overproduction, each piece is produced under a specefic order.

Contrary to the principles of collection and fashion, Partisan Collector offers two timeless lines – the Papillon line, and the 3C line. And each one is inspired by great artistic movements that have anchored themselves beyond time and trends.

pilosophical and aesthetic values borrowed from the artistic and cultural movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries: Arts & Crafts, New Art , Art Deco, Bauhaus and Mingei Thought…

The first, the butterfly line, draws its lines from the predominance of function over form. Its lines highlight the precious materials that make up the Papillon bag or mini bag.

Two pieces whose finishes illustrate the will of Partisan Collector to express the sublime down to the details… The collar buttons are made of gilt brass with 24 carat fine gold. .

The second line is sketched in particular in the features of the 3C bag. A piece designed for everyday life. The label states: “Its sleek geometry is based on a triple seam.

an artistic point of view available to support everyday’s needs.