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“We wanted to create a trunk that could both transport and exhibit works of art at the same time. We succeeded in transforming any place in the world into an art gallery. Art knows no borders,” explains Ramesh Nair, creative director for Moynat. A unique piece was thus created. Using the concave bottom of the Limousine trunk, the object contains a foldable easel made of aluminum composite paneling. When unfolded, the surface allows the artist to exhibit his or her works in six different frames. Even better, a false bottom beneath an interior tray covered with veal velours can be used as storage space for art supplies.

Inside the box, several pockets plated with natural black calfskin offer the artist the possibility of always remaining alongside his or her most inspiring personal objects, like books or notebooks. The exterior decor of the trunk is also quite special. Ramesh Nair used canvas from the floor of the Mambo workshop in Los Angeles to ensheathe this trunk. The art trunk thus becomes a work of art in and of itself, animated by projections of colorful paint and traces of Mambo steps.

Mambo is the artist that lent his traits to this trunk’s 60s accents – full of gaiety, bright colors, and humor, the work of Mambo is fabulously united with that of Moynat. It’s without a doubt for this reason that Ramesh imagined a collection of leathergoods called “Mambo for Moynat” in line with this special project.

Illustrations by the French artist yielded a series of styles signed by the brand – from Quattro  bullhide totes with a screen printed “Sweetness Galaxy” illustration to two rolled-edge silk twill foulards that sport the Mambo motif as well. His portraits also illustrate zipped pockets and passport holders. The collection can be discovered this fall, while the artist trunk will be on display until October 16th.

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