Mercedes-Benz EQS: When the S-Class Inspires the Universe of Electric

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EQS 580

The Mercedes EQS was expected as the messiah, and for good reasons, it is the new flagship of the star firm in the field of electric cars. The star manufacturer is placing a lot of hope in its new sedan which is based on a new platform called EVA2. The German automaker has made sure that its new model offers maximum range, and it seems successful since it can cover, according to the WLTP homologation cycle, 784 kilometers.

The Mercedes EQS takes care of its coefficient of air penetration, with a Cx of 0.20, it is the model with the least air resistance in the world, ahead of the Tesla.

Under the floor, we find a battery with a capacity of 107.8 kWh. At launch, we will find the Mercedes EQS 450+ which also only benefits from a single electric motor. Its power is announced at 245 kW, or 333 horsepower for 568 Nm of torque.

Above, we find the Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic which benefits from two electric motors as well as an all-wheel drive. This version delivers 523 horsepower for 855 Nm of torque. Mercedes announces a 0 to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds against 6.2 seconds for the EQS 450+. In both cases, the maximum speed is limited to 210 km / h. Mercedes-AMG also promises the arrival of a Performance version delivering a trifle of 560 kW, or 761 horsepower, enough to elbow with the Porche Taycan Turbo S.


The EQS can be connected to alternating current with a power ranging from 11 to 22 kW and up to 200 kW in peak power in direct current. By connecting the sedan to a fast terminal, it is possible to recharge from 10% to 80% in 31 minutes. And good news for customers, the first year of charging at Ionity is free.

The EQS is a connected car and can therefore receive updates and / or unlock options remotely. One of them concerns the rear steering wheels. As standard, the rear wheels turn 4.5 °, unlocking the option, its steering angle is increased to 10 ° for easier maneuvering, because the EQS is a beautiful baby of 5.22 meters.


Inside, the Mercedes EQS has the option of a large 141 cm wide panel dubbed the MBUX Hyperscreen containing three 12.3 inch and 17.7 inch OLED screens. The dashboard is well enough made to have the impression of having a single screen in front of the driver’s eyes.

Mercedes-EQ, EQS 580 4MATIC, Interior

Now you have to take the price step: count from 127,250 euros for the EQS 450+ with its range of 780 km, or beyond 150,000 euros for the EQS 580.

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