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Maison Lalique: The Sublime Collection Gaïa

La Maison Lalique introduces Chapter II of the Gaïa collection – a collection of vases, decanters, glasses and candle jars carrying the inspiration of Mother Nature to the skies.

Lalique And Nature: An Unwavering Inspiration Visible In Gaïa

If the name of René Lalique resonates particularly in the heritage of French luxury, it is because this exceptional glassmaker participated if not initiated the era of Art Nouveau. Whether we are talking about tableware, jewelry, brooches, adornments or lighting – Réné Lalique’s talent has been expressed on a number of media, each time magnifying the material a little more towards a sublime that has become legendary!

For example, we owe him the monumental headdress of the equally phenomenal Sarah Bernardht. We owe to the house to which he gives his name for having known how to make, after his death, many bottles of perfumes that have become iconic – starting with the Air du Temps bottle by Nina Ricci.

The aesthetic thread of all these sublime creations signed by the Lalique house is the inspiration of Nature. Opulent but discreet, the pieces indeed distill a thousand and one aspects of Nature; in voluptuous lines or in the very choice of the wire structure inspired by leaves, vines and other aspects copied from Mother Earth …

And precisely, the new Gaïa collection honors this heritage around original pieces – cast in Lalique excellence! “With this nature as breadcrumb trail, Lalique revisits its history, its codes and its iconic patterns. The crystal maker draws on its A.D.N to offer a new perspective, to reinvent itself, ”explains Lalique.

The result is breathtakingly beautiful – the Gaïa collection reconnects with the evocative power of Lalique know-how to give shape, among other things, to three lines of vases, glasses and a chic carafe as possible.

The Merles & Raisins line thus unveils vases inspired by Merles & Raisins decorative panels imagined by René Lalique in 1928. Panels precisely designed to adorn the Cuban mahogany marquetry of the mythical Orient Express … Reinterpreted in 2021, this inspiration gives shape to a new expression through vases and a bowl. Pieces on which the eye can rave about: “birds with finely chiseled plumage delight in the sweet flavors of grapes while the vines create the exceptional rhythm of this perfectly balanced composition” as described by the Lalique house.

@Christophe ARCHAMBAULT / AFP, Lalique in the Orient Express

The Feuilles line highlights the poetic shape of pepper leaves… A climbing vine that adorns glasses and candle holders in no less daring colors! “This climbing vine had already inspired the design of the salt and pepper mill co-signed René Lalique and Peugeot in 1924, reissued for the opening of the Villa René Lalique” specifies the house.

The ultimate object of desire, perhaps, in this Gaïa collection – the marvelous Versailles decanter. Designed to highlight the color and aromas of the greatest vintages, this Versailles decanter, crowned with a stopper sculpted with the same patterns, sits on a marble pedestal… A refined twist to ensure that its container is refreshed!

Lalique House

Cut from the purest crystal, the decanter, like all the pieces in the Gaïa collection, opens the senses to the most absolute ecstasy! An ecstasy which, inspired by Nature, allows you to discover luxury and emotion on a daily basis.