Leather Sportswear for Lacoste Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Lacoste’s Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection presented in New York had an outer space theme. For his research, Felipe Oliveira Baptista took off for Russia to visit the Moscow Space Museum. There, the artist explained that he had “made a sort of cosmic journey… to look at spaceships in detail.” At the head of the label’s creative direction for 10 years, he is committed to restoring the crocodile label’s style. Back from Russia with pieces that highlight all kinds of fabrics, it’s in a pure and worked vein that Felipe Oliveira Baptista is highlighting all the comfort that this sporty chic brand has to offer.

Nylon tracksuits with cosmic allures, patched with leather for a touch of stylized power, the pieces for next season are extremely inspired. “In times like these… (where) daily life is not so easy… it’s good to look to the future, to seek positive aspects and to keep moving forward,” explained the designer. Citing legends like Kurt Cobain among the muses that inspired this collection, Felipe Oliveira Baptista in reality put himself into a style that’s a bit more grunge and rock than completely urban.

To explore the iconic and timeless pieces of the 90s, he pairs with soft fabrics like cotton, wool, and leather with wide and fluid cuts for arresting proportions. Just like this sportswear tracksuit made in two-tone leather. The colors contrast, and that’s why the piece becomes one of Lacoste’s icons – a piece that dips into Lacoste’s urban past to fit into its future.

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