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Owner of a button factory in Troyes, France and creator of underwear brand Jil, André Gillier took on the creation of these famous shirts. Chemise Lacoste was the first name given to the company. Soon one thing led to another, and the fashion world was given a first: the very first logo to appear on a garment aka on the very first Lacoste shirt. L.12.12. The choice of this chemical-sounding name was René Lacoste, keeping in line with Gabrielle Chanel’s N°5. L for Lacoste, 1 for the precise cotton fabric, 2 for short sleeves, then 12 for the number of versions first given to René Lacoste, as well as the winning point. With a couple pencil strokes from his friend Robert Gouge, the Lacoste crocodile was designed, then transformed, and then finally became THE logo par excellence, the perfect image of the tenacity attributed to René Lacoste himself. With innovation and creation, Lacoste would go on to confection ready-to-wear sportswear, vogue accessories, and sports equipment: the height of chic.

René Lacoste, known for his perseverance, would also become renowned for his generosity with the creation of the Fondation Lacoste in 2006. Its goal: help youth discover team-building and find their calling through sports. Perseverance, motivation, and going beyond oneself were the exceptional values that René Lacoste never ceased to believe in. Later on in 2008, the brand participated in the “Save your logo” initiative. This allowed private-sector companies and certain institutions to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, but especially to mobilize themselves to defend crocodiles, alligators, caimans, and gavials, all of them currently in danger of extinction. Ever since, Lacoste has been a reference in authenticity and performance united with elegance, life skills, and etiquette. Later alligator!

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