Hôtel Crillon 2022: The Legendary Hotel at Place De La Concorde

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Hôtel Crillon 2022: The Legendary Hotel at Place De La Concorde

The Hôtel Crillon 2022 is an emblematic place for Paris and Parisian life – a privileged testimony of French history since the 18th century… In everyone’s opinion, It is the first palace in the world!

Hôtel Crillon 2022 A Rosewood Hotel : 10 place de la Concorde, Paris

Few other establishments rely on such a reputation — and no other palace has ever reached such a mythical status as the Hôtel Crillon 2022… the Parisian palace by excellence!

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On Place de la Concorde, 10, stands the oldest hotel in the world. Three centuries of luxury, beauty and devotion… This is what the past and present of this exceptional hotel is all about. Recently renovated by the ingenious and prestigious architect Aline Asmar of Amman, the Hôtel Crillon Paris has been able to transmit to us many of its foundations, its impeccable service and taste inherited from past centuries.

The Hôtel Crillon 2022 Paris does not just offer exceptional service — it also has an exceptional history. It is in the heart of this emblematic Paris establishment that the extravagant Marie-Antoinette used to take her piano lessons. The sumptuous bedroom that serves as the Marie-Antoinette suite by Aline Asmar d’Amman today pays homage to the last Queen of France – a secret path leading the living room to a wide terrace…

Hôtel Crillon 2022 chambres reservation prix

It was there again that in 1919, the League of Nations Commission met to unite the world… In 1933, Mistinguette or evenMaurice Chevalier performed. There again, the iconic dancer Isadora Duncan and the Russian poet Sergei Essenin lived a passionate love story…. embodied by Paris!

As Henri Salvador wrote one day in 1984 in the hotel´s guestbook: “Paris is champagne, champagne is France and France is my heart, so the Hotel De Crillon is my heart…

“Yes, the Hôtel Crillon Paris has always been a setting for the purest expression of the French way of living. And fashion is no exception. It was again at the Hôtel Crillon that Pierre Cardin organized his first men’s fashion shows, in 1958.

Hôtel Crillon 2022 chambres reservation prix

The rooms radiate luxury and voluptuousness. Legendary rooms, several decorated by maestros of art… It is no coincidence that Karl Lagerfeld´s Grands Appartements designed by Karl himself from his esthetical vision of the French 18th century, are among the most luxurious ones.

Therefore the luxury that constitutes the heart of this prestigious establishment that is the Hôtel Crillon 2022 is not just a matter of price or service – it is a question of the art of living, and the “savoir-recevoir”. Hence it is the very heart of Paris.

L’Ecrin Restaurant and Les Ambassadeurs Bar: The Gastronomic Facet of the Palace de Paris

At Hôtel Crillon 2022, the service stays up to its expectations – simply perfect! L’Ecrin is an intimate restaurant that invites its guests to dive into the heart of a refined and delicate tasting experience. A maximum of 22 seats only, and a divine experience orchestrated by the perfect match between food and wine.

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L’Écrin is the hidden gem of Crillon Hotel, held in its heart with a delicate and refined contemporary decor. The restaurant offers its guests a unique taste experience. From now on, the wines invite you to a unique sensory discovery with the art of French service and precisely made menu…

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The hotel describes as follows: “Departing from conventional menus, Chef Sommelier Xavier Thuizat accompanies the guests in their choice of wines before working with Chef Boris Campanella in finding the perfect pairing. Along with local cuisine and seasonal products, Chef Boris Campanella draws inspiration from his roots and regional touches from Sicily and Savoy, as well as the tastes and flavors developed by the Chef Sommelier’s selection of wines.

Rewarded with a star, this approach inspired by French gastronomy was worth the Michelin Guide to enunciate as it follows: “In search of the perfect harmony”: which could be the saying of this luxurious establishment. In a unique and exciting approach, sommelier Xavier Thuizat and chef Boris Campanella invert roles: the choice of wines precedes and determines the dishes! Each guest is given a personalized experience according to the nectars and the number of sequences they have chosen. A dizzying range of combinations when we think of the 2,300 references in the cellar… It demonstrates open-mindedness, technical agility and perfect harmony between the team members. »

Les Ambassadeurs is the legendary Crillon´s bar. A bar in which the service stands in no common measure and offers the taste in the art of living…it is Paris that we taste through a menu of signature cocktails – audacious intention to connect, in an inspired mixology, the Paris unique cultural heritage, the impertinent creativity of the street art works and the talent of Crillon best mixologists!

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“Open on one of the most beautiful squares in the world with its terrace under the arcades, this mythical address is a unique place that captivates Parisians and guests with inventive cocktails and live music…” in addition to the palace. A truly singular experience!

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