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For the first fruit of her collaboration with Hermès, nose Christine Nagel chose to recount a tale of inspiration born in the brand’s leather cellars… There, while Doblis delivers “all the femininity of leather”, Nagel decided to tie her formula together with roses. Taken alongside one another, these scents compose an innovative dance that prances around to the rhythm of a rare sensuality. With one unique movement, “the leather animates the rose, the rose carries away the leather without one ever dominating the other.” Opposites attract – Galop d’Hermès is born.

To translate the essence of strength in movement, Christine Nagel imagined it like a secret desire – Galop is there to create the ultimate accord between contrary assumptions: animal-floral, masculine-feminine… This dreamy leather, issued from the equestrian universe, and the rose, Queen of flowers, work together in macroscopic harmony. Within the world of Hermès, these two opposite materials dance on warm earth and draw a perfect circle, since they aspire to be ideal.

Hermès’ ideal is thus none other than a woman with a powerful, free, and intrepid attitude. A woman who mixes instinct and elegance with nary a faux pas – powerfully feminine, she listens to the beat of her own heart with timeless spirituality. This bold attitude can’t be tamed; rather, it’s admired and exalted. This scent, on the other hand, is tamed by getting closed into one of the brand’s telltale stirrup flasks. This object was offered to the brand’s guests in New York in 1930 for the inauguration of Hermès first store overseas. Today, it translates the essence of this strength in movement… Galop d’Hermès will be available exclusively in stores, starting August 15th.

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