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Freywille is one jewelry brand that’s different from the rest. Founded in 1951 by Michaela Frey and Doctor Friedrich Wille, the brand is committed to combining ancient techniques of working enamel with a very current and desirable aesthetic. A pioneer in the creation of art jewelry and precious enamel, the Austrian brand was built with a refreshing vision of ornamentation that goes hand-in-hand with high technicality. Within the original location, artisanal craftsmanship is perpetuated like a gauge of excellence turned towards the creation of unique pieces. The label began earning its pedigree in the 80s.

Borne by a love of art and the profound humanism developed by a couple, Freywille has been able to conquer an international, distinguished clientele that’s worthy of the exceptional pieces the brand makes. Within a timeless universe where refinement yields emotion, this jewelry is the fruit of a scrupulous work of research and numerous sketches. The result: an opera of color applied onto hypnotizing enamel. For Spring/Summer 2017, the brand is offering a capsule collection called ‘Moment Infini’.

This collection is composed of a limited edition of five colors – a dreamy vision that unites creativity and reason, with a labyrinth motif that plays with the collection’s themes. On thick and graphic bracelets, the creative director Simone Grünberger-Wille simply applied inspirations taken from art history, paying homage to different movements that marked the art of humanity, from ancient Egypt to Czarist Russia, with Monet and Klimt in between. Finally, the infinite possibilities here on very wearable jewelry bring these pieces into an invitation to imagination, symbolizing in itself all the strength of Freywille’s creations. 


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