Ferrari x LoveFrom: An Unexpected Collaboration Between Automobiles And Technology

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Ferrari x LoveFrom: An Unexpected Collaboration Between Automobiles And Technology

When Ferrari Treat Themselves To The iPhone Designer’s Services

In a world where leisure automobiles are more and more frowned upon, namely for environmental reasons, one might often ask oneself what the future holds for brands like Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

It is hard to imagine tomorrow’s Ferrari. Will it be full electric? This hypothesis has its chances, as the Maranello based firm has already presented two new rechargeable hybrids, always as high performance, but maybe missing an ounce of soul.

At Ferrari, we know that the brand is at one of its most important turning points, maybe even the most important turning point. To prepare its future, the prancing horse’s brand is collaborating with brands that are also preparing their future. Hence, Ferrari has only just announced the beginning of a new collaboration with Exor and LoveFrom, two companies that, one could think, have nothing to do with the automobile world.

LoveFrom is a San Francisco and London based collective that reunites several designers, musicians, moviemakers, engineers, authors and architects from around the globe. The project is spearheaded by Marc Newton and Sir Jony Ive. The latter, whether you know him or not, is the designer of your most trusted companion, that is, if you own an iPhone. He has also designed the iMac, the iPad and the iPod. Before leaving Apple in 2019, Sir Jony Ive delivered his Apple magnum opus under the form of the Apple Watch.

John Elkann, CEO of Exor and president of Ferrari, commented on the beginning of the partnership: “We had already been discussing for some time, with Jony and Marc, the possibilities of associating their creativity with ours. Ferrari represents a first opportunity to do big things by building our future together.”

This melting pot of ideas, which isn’t specifically bound to design only, will get Exor involved into a series of cerative projects in the luxury sector. Ferrari prepares its future and this new phase begins with the arrival of a new CEO, Benedetto Vigna, an unusual profile for this type of position as he is a Pisa University graduate with a vast knowledge and experience of the electronics sector with more than 100 patents to his name.

In that perspective, maybe it is a bad omen for Ferrari? if Ferraris overdose on electronics and, worse even, become autonomous, what will be left of Ferrari’s very essence, that is, the pleasure of driving? Flavio Manzoni, the style boss of the italian firm, and John Elkann wanted to reassure fans by announcing a “totally new approach” and that “the electrification of the brand is a means for creating more distinct cars.” 

In regards to the fact that the omnipresence of electricity might bring about, potentially, semi or even  totally autonomous Ferraris, the president of the brand was adamant: “It would be sad; the soul of Ferrari, is to simply be able to drive it.”

In a general sense, the collaboration with LoveFrom seems to follow a trend centered on innovation and the multiplication of ideas aiming to open a new chapter in the long and thrilling history of the Maranello firm.

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