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Ferrari 296 GTB – Hybrid And Proud

The Ferrari 296 GTB. That is the name of the new supercar from Maranello. It’s a revolution from the prancing horse firm, as it’s the second rechargeable hybrid form the brand since the SF90 Stardale 1000 horsepower unveiled in 2019.

For the history behind the name; it’s composed of the total cubic capacity of 2992 cm3, the number of cylinders, followed by the GTB abbreviation, meaning “Gran Turismo Berlinetta”. The 296 GTB introduces a new engine in the range, next to the eight and twelve cylinder ones. this 3.0 liter V6 bi-turbo develops 663 horsepower and is coupled with a 167 horsepower electric engine for a cumulative power of 830 horsepower and a 740 Nm torque. The V6 is associated with a DCT 8 gear gearshift with Ediff and with the MGU-K electric module placed between engine and gearbox, and on the thermal motors axis.

Ferrari offers, for the first time, a rechargeabe hybrid propulsion architecture in which the thermal engine is combined with an electric engine, also at the back, that is derived from Formula 1. The engines communicate thanks to a system dubber TMA (Transition Manager Actuator), which allows us to use both engines at the same time or just the electric one. The electric engine is powered by a 7.45 kWh capacity battery enabling us to drive roughly 25 kilometers without needing to power up the thermal engine.

In regards to performance, Ferrari announces a 0 to 100km/h acceleration at 2.9 seconds for the 296 GTB, a 0 to 200km/h acceleration at 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 330 km/h. The weight of the unit is relatively normal with 1470 kilos on the scale and a wieght spreading of 40.5% at the front and 59.5% at the back. The 296 GTB possesses an active spoiler at the back, borrowed from the LaFerrari, enabling us to generate a load of up to 360 kilos at 250 km/h.

The car disposes of a energy flux management selector called eManettino, in addition to the traditional Manettino that allows for a selection of diferent driving modes. The eManettino possesses four modes that can be selected through the wheel’s command buttons.

  • eDrive: the thermal engine is cut off and the traction is guaranteed by the rear axle.
  • Hybrid: The energy flux optimise the system’s efficiency and the software decides to activate or deactivate the thermal engine.
  • Performance: the thermal engine is always on and contributes to maintaining efficiency in a way that guarantees the full availability of energy.
  • Quality: This mode gives priority to maximum performance. Ferrari inspired itself from the 250 LM of 1963 to draw the new curves and lines of its new supercar. The car is an echo to past models thanks to various details, such as the central part that has a tinted portion of body, as one could find on the Testarossa. In terms of dimention, the 296 GTB is 4.57 meters long, 1.96 meters wide and 1.19 meters tall. The passenger compartment was developed around the digital interface of the SF90 Stradale, and is specifically through the aesthetic coherence with this model that the shapes of the 296 GTB’s interior were conceived. the design of the dashboard is particularly pared down and relatively sober, and its screens enable a reduction of physical buttons and gadgets that more often than not crowd the interiors. The 296 GTB retails at a starting price of 269 000 euros and 302 000 euros for the Assetto Fiorano version, an even faster version thanks to certain aerodynamic and weight optimisations.

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