Easter 2022: The Best Chocolates to Taste.

Easter 2022: The Best Chocolates to Taste.

Here’s Easter 2022! There are traditions that are more eagerly awaited than others — to highlight the Easter gourmandise, Icon-Icon has selected the best chocolates, baked by emblematic chocolatiers!

Easter 2022: Feast on the Work of the Greatest Chocolatiers

Pralines and chocolates of all kinds have been enchanting the taste buds for hundreds of years — and only a few do not like chocolate! Here are the Easter creations that will undoubtedly mark the sharpest palates…

Starting with the creations of François Perret forRitz Paris Le Comptoir! The palace that inspired more than one aesthete celebrates Easter 2022 with a very original creation. By choosing the mythical Madeleine de Proust, François Perret, voted Best Pastry Chef in the World in 2019, imagined a chocolate madeleine, divine and surprising.

Available in three flavors – dark chocolate, milk or white – the double fluted shell of this oversized madeleine contains a myriad of small chocolates, which have the chic of being homemade!

An Easter madeleine baked with a unique expertise, available to order here.

But there is more, François Perret thinks of gourmets who are always looking to rediscover the classics and it is the madeleine, emblem of the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir, which therefore reinvents itself with a core iced with hazelnut!

Easter chocolates

“Glazed with milk chocolate, it is in his heart that the hazelnut plays with its gourmet notes full of tenderness. A pretty rabbit seems to keep the secret, a detail that will make children smile» poetically explains Ritz Paris Le Comptoir.

A delicacy to order here.

True to his vision, Patrick Roger is carving new delights for Easter 2022 — eggs as crazy as they are delicious!

Easter chocolates

Patrick Roger’s eggs, whether they are colorful or smooth but always inspired, offer an interesting tasting experience. Just like the Chicken Egg, which is available in dark chocolate or milk and is stuffed with praline and gianduja fries. Praline fries that stand out from the smooth and impeccable appearance of the egg itself.

Pop and playful sculptures to devour here.

Still offering chocolates playing with Easter codes, Patrick Roger’s flat eggs will also catch the attention of gourmets. They are also garnished with hazelnut praline frying.

Always nestled in these turquoise boxes synonym of delicacies, the half-eggs offer to succumb to the talent of Patrick Roger: 12 eggs stuffed with praline and almond paste, available here.

The occasion of Easter 2022 is that for the Philippe Conticini’s house to sublimate the tradition around creations created to awake childhood memory.

“This year, Chef Philippe Conticini reveals his great-child soul by offering you regressive creations at will, and therefore invites you to discover an Easter meal, a prestigious egg and its four new Easter eggs that will surely delight chocolate lovers» explains the house.

Easter chocolates

In addition to the Easter nest, a biscuit with a soft melty chocolate texture is hidden under it the hazelnut cracker: an insert of flowing praline underlined by a touch of fleur de sel that will charm the taste buds!

The Chef Philippe Conticini also offers a limited series of jiggly eggs!

One of them is poured in milk chocolate 35%, in which a 69% praline of dried fruits, delicious hazelnuts and crunchy almonds are embedded. And that’s where the Conticini magic works. The house’s words are that “Its alveoli reveal a second milk chocolate egg covered in gold leaves, which contains in its heart a few almonds coated in cocoa powder.”

In the same spirit, the Chef’s small eggs conceal a myriad of hazelnuts coated with a chocolate depending on that of the main egg. Dark, white, milk or marbled chocolate, the hardest part will be stopping!

Easter chocolates

And then, come these 5 gold tickets hidden in the jiggly eggs and to win among other things, two Masterclasses with Chef Philippe Conticini and a private course with Executive Chef Gianni.

As usual, Jean-Paul Hévin had fun shifting the Easter classics, this time around popular tunes. Mon manège à moi by Edith Piaf, La Chasse au papillon by Brassens, Un petit poisson un petit oiseau by Juliette Gréco… These eggs, these bells, these rabbits thus inspired reveal the expertise of the master chocolatiers, around a packaging as beautiful as delicious !

Alleno & Rivoire celebrates Easter 2022 differently: the tradition of the egg is being played with to better rely on the cooking expertise of three-star chef Yannick Alléno and pastry chef Aurélien Rivoire. Here, the Easter egg is friend!

Eggs presented in four different sizes, made of milk chocolate and dark chocolate, with flavors of pecans, hazelnuts and puffed rice. Eggs of dinosaurs, turtles, or dragons to share of course!

Pierre Hermé puts all his creativity at the service of taste and beauty. For Easter 2022, he owns the artistic movement of rough Art as a ground of expression for his collection of eggs ‘Brut’ definitively inspired!

According to him “This form of limitless and unconstrained creativity does not respond to any established code, except the impulsivity of its creator and its gesture, it is another way of expression, more personal and unprecedented. Nature offers me all the necessary items to nourish my imagination”.

And what eggs! Indeed, among the 4 types of eggs, each sublime and creative, we especially remember Fossil and Exuberant.

Easter chocolates

This last one directly inspired by the work of artist Béatrice Arthus-Bertrand. The house Pierre Hermé explains “Pierre Hermé plays with the rocky material of the seashores, pebbles smoothed by the waves and then embedded in the eggshell with visible wood stripes. Two natural elements instinctively assembled to give life to this fascinating and unexpected creation, to which the pebbles give a form of singular sensuality.”

Easter chocolates

The Fossil egg relies on the living matter of chocolate to offer a representation of vegetation in all its diversity, to which the egg gives another dimension.

Works of art to devour, after ordering here.

Do you want a must-see of the house Pierre Hermé’s Easter collections? We can obviously have the rabbit, made after the work of the famous sculptor François Pompon, perched on a rock.

Another great name for gastronomy that has made chocolate the living fabric of its creativity: Alain Ducasse!

On the occasion of Easter 2022, Alain Ducasse’s chocolate manufacture offers exclusive tablets and exclusive creations inspired by the Sea and the Earth. Crab, sardines and especially lobster, with its signature angular design, that come to inspire the shapes of the tablets and especially to be a real creation.


This creation by Pierre Tachon is a chocolate lobster that, under its claws, is protecting shells and crustaceans in hazelnut praline flavor.

For the more classic gourmets, the chocolate manufacture Alain Ducasse offers the iconicrabbit of the Manufacture: coming with its pure lines, its small almond praline eggs and its coconut praline bells. Then a creation there too signed Pierre Tachon, we can taste the Oeuf Tourné, very inspired! the creations Alain Ducasse for Easter.


The house Pierre Marcolini offers a gourmet experience combining expertise and originality. The Best Pastry Chef in the World 2020 imagined a whole aesthetic and gastronomic universe around the Bird Bunny, an emblem of the collection.

“ “Bird Bunny” is made from milk chocolate and Sao Tome cocoa beans. It is a small half-bird half-rabbit figurine that will take you to the land of a thousand and one flavors with his friends the Creativ’Eggs with praline seeds and his imaginary bestiary.” explains the house.

With its Chocolate sweets reviews and innovative creations, Pierre Marcolini offers to rediscover the taste of Easter around chocolates once again picked from the corners of the world recognized to give the tastiest aromas of chocolate!

The talent of Yann Couvreur led him this year to give exposure to the Easter icons. Taking as his starting point the fox, his totem animal, Yann Couvreur imagined an Easter egg engraved like a low relief. Inside of it, Easter tradition obliges, frying and praline sweets to make the experience even more tasty!

Easter egg with feathers, the Poussin Craquant of the Maison du Chocolat puts its immense creativity at the service of Easter delights that come to life under the hands of Nicolas Cloiseau. “A work of goldsmith comparable to the Russian dolls, where chocolate is emptied as much as it overlaps, where each movement of hand deceives the balance, where the crack of the shell pushes the fragility, where the fragility of the chocolate takes hold of its most subtle expressions. Its «Easter Flight» is the airiest egg hunts» says the Maison du Chocolat.

Delicacies with a bold texture that reinvent the very experience of chocolate tasting!

Consistent with the tradition, the chocolatier Hugo & Victor offers to beautify the classics: eggs, cocottes, rabbits. Chef Hugues Pouget makes his Praline chips Egg, and Surprise Rabbit the standards of his cute and delicious vision of Easter’s 2022 chocolates.

Cyril Lignac shares his croquante and craquante (crunchy) vision of chocolate in cute bunnies. Also, irresistible! In dark chocolate, milk or dulcey, the sweets designed by Cyril Lignac offer a double tasting. An exquisite tasting that starts with the crisp layer of dark, milk or dulcey chocolate rabbit that then gives way to the heart of creamy marshmallows, punctuated with vanilla beans!

On its side, the Maison Méert, founded three centuries ago, offers to anchor this moment of gourmandise around the traditional bells, icon dark or milk chocolate eggs

and a delicious entremet with hazelnut and candied orange. Some others, like shell filled with gianduja milk praline, will please the most selective palates.

This selection of the wonders of Easter 2022 continues with the ones imagined by the oldest chocolate factory: A La Mère de Famille. Here, we pay tribute to the historic warehouse around creations that magnify the tradition.

Besides the abundant traditional Easter bestiary, the house offers a new curiosity, with its touch of humor, the “scrambled” eggs, whose only way to put an end to their scramble will be to devour them!

Finally, it is the house that best details the thinking behind their interpretation of the iconic Easter egg:

“An endless source of inspiration, the decor of the historic warehouse is at the origin of the creation of this beautiful Easter egg. A gourmet evocation of the iconic cement tile that adorns the floor of 35 rue du faubourg Montmartre and adorns the shiny, crisp shell of this deep-fried chocolate moulding.”

To close this selection, at Maison Mazet, we are celebrating Easter 2022 with delicious creations, beginning with the iconic Easter egg — the Mazet house Praslines Mazet egg, designed by chef Hugues Pouget. The gastronomic signature of the house since 1636 is this beautiful egg that carries in its center a bouquet of Praslines and that is available in dark or milk chocolate.

We also find the mascot rabbit Mazet with dark or milk chocolate, and cute fish Bill and Bulle with chocolate and Praslines splinters… Delights that comes near to ecstasy and to discover without waiting.

The promise of a moment of ecstasy and pleasure around the gustative strength of chocolate!

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