Chanel’s Collection Libre “Numéros Rouges”

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Chanel’s Collection Libre “Numéros Rouges”

Newly at the head of creation for Chanel’s makeup division, Lucia Pica is unveiling a collection that’s an homage to the Mademoiselle’s original look. “Everything is but a story of icons,” declares Lucia Pica. Coco, who never went out without her lipstick, is the inspiration for a composition made of paradoxes, classicism, and harmony. Imagined with soft contradictions, the Numéros Rouges collection by Lucia Pica plays with intensity and lightness, audacity and simplicity, glamour and absolute elegance. Numéros Rouges is makeup for the eyes, the cheeks, and a nail polish that brings the legendary Chanel red a renewed character and tonicity.

“Red on the lips is such a classic and timeless look… I like to give it modernity by pairing it with young and surprising makeup, like the Celebrity nail polish, an intense black, or Fiction, a dark emerald,” specifies Lucia Pica. It’s true that with the inclusion of these shades that are so seldom paired with red, Chanel’s makeup becomes even more relevant. With an expert eye for shades and a mastery of impeccable bursts of color, Lucia Pica forged a number of practical contradictions here. The Celebrity nail polish for example dresses the nails up in an intense black, while Fiction adorns them in a dark emerald. Scenario adds a touch of bright coral. These compositions look like they’re straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

Chanel’s lipstick is reinvented with four new editions – two classic Rouge Allures, and two Rouge Allure Velvets with a matte texture. Numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively, these lipsticks are a return to Chanel’s classic origins: an ultra-glamorous red that respects the desire for a sober elegance. Lucia Pica seems to have created the ideal lipstick for every woman: “The contrast between the four colors isn’t spectacular. It’s the undertone that makes all the difference.” This is indeed a mini revolution. By offering unique undertones in the latest Collection Libre, the iconic lipstick dresses each woman up exactly how she desires. This is an essential, or rather, a “lipstick for life”. But get it while you can: the Collection Libre “Numéro Rouges” is available for a limited time only, exclusively in Chanel stores and on the brand’s website.

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