Cartier鈥檚 clash : jewellery duality around the picot

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Cartier鈥檚 clash : jewellery duality around the picot

Cartier signs a new variation on the Clash collection, focusing its Picot signature in XL mode – a duality that reflects today’s femininity… Plural and emancipated !

Cartier鈥檚 clash : Picot in action with Lily Collins

Cartier House is introducing a new clasharound the legendary picot – a collection of jewellery with a revered cachet. Introduced in 1925 into Cartier’s jewellery repertoire, the Picot signed by the most glamorous jeweller of Place Vend么me caused a sensation at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. In Paris, it is this pair of hair jewels composed of two diamond orchids studded with onyx spikes that definitively establishes Cartier’s taste as epitome!

In 2022, is Cartier’s signature motif reinvented in more voluminous, striking jewellery with a very Parisian panache. Embodied by Lily Collins, aka Emily in Paris, the Clash line plays on the codes of square studs, balls and spikes to better anchor Cartier’s heritage with a zest of punk!

The house states: “Powerful forms and fluidity of movement, all the pieces in the collection cultivate opposites. Everything lies in the opposition: on the one hand, the generosity of the volumes, the roundness, the soft contours, and on the other, the tension, the tense, tight, nervous weft. The creative duality of Clash de Cartier.

Real ode to the feminine plurality, This collection plays on the pure and graphic lines of the tension brought by the balls, the square stud and the XL picots. Excessive, voluminous and chic as can be – the Cartier spirit is distilled into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, all in rose gold or paved with diamonds.

And where the new pieces in this collection vibrate with volume, Cartier’s mastery is evident. Again, the company explains the appeal best: “The setting of the diamonds requires special attention to maximise the brilliance while retaining the instantly recognisable lines of the Cartier Clash collection. The XL pieces present a technical and aesthetic challenge for the lapidary: to create perfectly geometric onyx balls while ensuring that the softness of their volume is respected.”

To be discovered now!