Bvlgari Baciami Perfume: A Floral Perfume For Women

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Bvlgari Baciami Perfume: A Floral Perfume For Women

A new addition to the Allegra fragrance collection, the Bvlgari Baciami fragrance is an ode to Italian love. A composition signed by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier, to whom we owe many iconic Bvlgari perfumes for!

The Bvlgari Baciami Perfume: A Journey to Rome

“The Italian spirit completely inspired me. I want to talk about this Italianness, which the whole world envies, but no one can equal to. It is based on 3,000 or 4,000 years of history, with roots that are both very profound, but still extremely modern, because these values ​​have crossed centuries of history (…) All roads lead to Rome, all the magnificent raw materials lead to Rome, all the perfumes lead to Rome” Jacques Cavallier, the master perfumer, composes the Bvlgari Baciami scent around an exaltation of gardenia.

parfum bvlgari amour femme

This tropical wildflower reveals a smooth, luxuriant and radiant profusion in the Bvlgari Baciami fragrance – an extremely seductive harmonie that celebrates love in an Italian style.

Because the Bvlgari house is behind the most opulent and extraordinary jewels… Bvlgari celebrates in this perfume the love stories that Italy has had.
Starting with Romeo and Juliet. But where the Bvlgari Baciami perfume – which accurately means “kiss me” reawakens a more contemporary flame… It is when its composition evokes the mad love between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor!

These two sacred monsters of the cinema are involved in the Cleopatra film in Rome. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor fell madly in love, and, as Richard Burton himself admitted at the time… “The only Italian word Elizabeth knows is Bvlgari. “ And it is true that during the shooting of Cleopatra, Liz Taylor tooked every slightest moment of break to go to the Roman jeweler. So, when the Serpenti Bvlgari jewel is launched to the must-have raking, immortalized on the wrist of Elizabeth Taylor in the 1962 film, it is Bvlgari who in turn became a popular jeweler...

parfum bvlgari amour femme

This is all captured in the deep and magical composition of the Bvlgari Baciami women’s perfume. An irresistible love filter that embodies the magic of Italian seduction!

A romantic and soft structure described in this way by the Italian house: “it combines the soft aroma of Gardenia with the irresistible and magnetic aroma of Vanilla. Its addictive fragrance transports you to the heart of the Italian capital, origin of the most passionate romances. A new masterpiece from master perfumer Jacques Cavallier, Baciami Bvlgari and its seductive harmonie celebrate Italy and its romanticism. »

And it is in a sculptured and glamorous bottle that the Baciami Bvlgari perfume rises! An eau de toilette available for distribution here.