Burger Père & Fils (Father & Son Burger): The Burger by Mohamed Cheikh, Yannick, and Antoine Alléno.

Burger Père & Fils (Father & Son Burger): The Burger by Mohamed Cheikh, Yannick, and Antoine Alléno.

Inaugurated in 2021, the Burger Père & Fils restaurant comes from the mind of the triple starred chef Yannick Alléno and his son Antoine, a restaurant that aims to sublimate the burger, around a gourmet concept. It is alongside Chef Mohamed Cheikh that they imagined their new ephemeral burger, to taste until April 17, on site or on delivery via Uber Eats!

Burger Père & Fils: 3 Chefs for a gourmet interpretation of the notorious burger.

In Paris, this season, the burger is Mediterranean at Burger Père & Fils! Nestled in the heart of Beaupassage, the center point of gastronomy in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, the Burger Père & Fils restaurant magnifies this classic dish according to the codes of gastronomy.

Led by Chef Yannick Alléno and his son Antoine, Burger Père & Fils has been surprising food lovers looking for new experiences around the burger we know the cornerstone of Yannick Alléno’s gastronomic creativity: sauces!

Here, it is the technique, the pursuit of taste, and especially the use of high-quality resources, thanks to French organic agriculture, that make the outstanding taste of these burgers.

Since innovation and the pursuit of excellence are part of this restaurant’s DNA, a third Chef is joining Burger Père & Fils this season, for the time of an ephemeral creation.

Mohamed Cheikh is no stranger to the culinary identity of Chef Alléno. Indeed, before winning Top Chef season 12, Mohamed Cheikh, then a young cook, practiced in Yannick Alléno’s kitchens in 2013.

In 2022, these three personalities gather around a burger concept for the least daring: an ephemeral creation. It is a burger «Haut en couleur» inspired by the Maghrebi origins of chef Mohamed Cheikh. Available for tasting until April 17 on site or on delivery via Uber Eats.

Icon-Icon met with Antoine Alléno and Mohamed Cheikh to talk about this burger!

You’re going for the burger, but why did you choose what is arguably the most iconic food of the new generation?

Antoine Alléno To tell you a bit of the story, during the lockdown, on Sunday nights we would often meet with my dad at his house and one night we said, “Let’s order burgers!”, and well, we were a little disappointed, so we were like “why not do ours?”

Burger Père & Fils

We worked about two months to come up with the first recipe, and we thought, let’s launch it during summer! It was supposed to last just the time of a “pop-up” for the summer and finally, given the enthusiasm, we said «let’s keep on the adventure. »

To make a good burger, the three essential elements are obviously bread, meat, and sauce. Can you explain your perspective on “good meat”?

Antoine Alléno:I’m going to talk about my father again, but it’s true that on Sundays, for example, we usually eat a good veal chop. We have always loved a beautiful piece of meat and as cooks we always have this desire to work on a product that we appreciate to sublimate it.

At Burger Père & Fils we serve French meat only. On travaille avec la Boucherie Moderne (située à Nation à Paris) pour le bœuf. We also worked with the butcheries Les Jumeaux in Les Lilas when collaborating with Mohamed where the meat is hallal.

The encounter between Mediterranean flavors and the burger… how does this materialize in the burger?

Antoine Alléno: To me, everything is in the sauce. This aspect is the one that brought this match between the different flavors, including a spicy ketchup. We made a parsley mayonnaise to go with the garlic potatoes, and that’s kind of the meeting point with the Mediterranean side.

Mohamed Cheikh: We worked on this burger around the bread mostly. I talked with the Chef, everything is in the way to cook it. In Tunisia, they tend to make this type of bread, a fried bread, which is used to make what is called fricasser. It actually really inspired me, so I told myself “We’re going to take a little bit of this spirit, of mixing regions” We made several meat combinations to get the best taste possible. o, we have French lamb, but we also wanted to try with beef. It didn’t work too well. We finally used beef fat to get that specific taste only, and we found it to be great.
Then we added the harissa, the white sauce that we mixed with tzatziki, red fruit pickles and smoked Corsican cheese, a beautiful cheese that I discovered not long ago actually… So, there it was, I wanted to make a burger a bit like myself.

Antoine Alléno:Yes, the steak was particularly important to him: It’s a fairly traditional blend of lamb and veal, there are quite a lot of spices as well.

How would you describe this perfect burger in a few words?

Mohamed Cheikh: tasty, sunny, it’s a real journey and especially a brand-new flavor.

Antoine Alléno: Same: travel and gourmandize. It’s true that once tasted, you want a second one. o yes, very tasty.

How important was it to create it in this “homemade” spirit?

Antoine Alléno: First there is this homemade bread, which is made in the Pavillon Ledoyen. There are two cooking on this bread, one steaming and one where it is fried by the minute. So, we have a real job on this bread, on the sauces as well.

We have, for instance, the Arsène burger (editor’s note: another burger available at Burger Père & Fils)which is cooked with a steak with pepper, deglaze with cognac cream We are on a 45-day mature meat. We did not want to fall into the drift of fast-food burger but really into a burger made by a real cook.

What would your ideal tasting experience look like for this burger?

Mohamed Cheikh: using hands of course. Usually when I go to eat a burger, I go, laughing, with the idea that I go to fight.

Antoine Alléno: Same here, with my hands. I think that any sandwich should be eaten by hand to really have the taste.

The matter of legacy arises in view of this beautiful project carried out with 6 hands…

Antoine Alléno: with six hands yes. With my father we got together at the Ledoyen pavilion, so we already worked together. Mohamed brought his ideas, we brought ours and we tried to see how to create a burger all together. And the result is really good.

Mohamed used to work with my father in Saint Tropez a few years ago. So, it is true that we have always kept a sort of connection. We are a small family of cooks: we all know each other a little, we said why not have fun and make a burger together… And here is the result!

Propos recueillis par Sébastien Girard, Président d’Icon-Icon