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Under normal circumstances, enriching, beautifying, or embellishing a classic is no easy task. In particular when that classic is the Baguette, a bag who’s many versions, each more imaginative and outlandish than the last, has been conquering women for more than fifteen years now. But the iconoclastic Fendi and its more-than-creative creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, have been able to rightly rethink this mega famous bag.

From the growing popularity for crossbody handbags, the Baguette’s new silhouette gets its long strap in interlaced leather and chains. It gives the bag an instant boost in relevance and anchors it in a new era. When Silvia Fendi thought it up in 1997, cellphones hadn’t yet invaded daily life like they have today. And so a pocket appears on the front of the new bag. Its size seems ideal for an iPhone. But what remains most interesting about this new version is the array of materials and colors available. “Fur is Fendi, and Fendi is fur”, said Karl Lagerfeld. And so, among other materials, it is available in a candy pink sheep fur. You can also find it in bright orange shearling, dark purple leather, and in its most distinguished version, black crocodile skin.

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