Azzaro for Men

Loris Azzaro, designer, perfumer, and founder of the Azzaro brand, wanted to create a cologne “for men who love women who love men.” Her wish was granted in 1978 by perfumers Gérard Anthony de Firmenich and Martin Heiddenreich. Together, they would compose the first fragrance for men in the history of the Italian label: Azzaro for men. Pierre Dinand would design the flask in the pure tradition of esthetic codes of the era: amber glass, modern typography, and faceted architecture. The amber color isn’t at all unlike the color of bourbon and was perfect for this virile, sensual, and sleek Azzaro cologne. A cologne of character, it masters a perfect balance of subtlety, freshness, and power, that has assured its renown for the past 35 years.
“Creating a perfume means creating an atmosphere, starting a sentence that each one can continue in their own way”. It is in these terms that Loris Azzaro described her vision for perfume. This designer that dressed up the greatest of stars like Romy Schneider, Jane Birkin, Claudia Cardinale, and Nicoke Kidman, would take her first steps into the masculine universe with her scent Azzaro for men. At the beginning, anise wafts of basil come together with the citrusy freshness of lemon, then vetiver and oak moss form a fresh and sensual heart note. Finally, the wooded notes that are given off by amber, musk, and sandalwood give a depth and texture to this emblematic fragrance.
Azzaro created this scent for a Latin man, a self-affirmed man, an incorrigible seducer, conscious of his power of attraction and playing on his sensuality with no holds barred. Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias was naturally chosen by the brand in 2009 to incarnate the Azzaro man. This tall, dark, and charismatic man posed for the brand’s last campaign through the lens of Steven Klein and under the artistic direction of Michel Mallard. The brand is revisiting the myth of the seducer with modernity and magnetism. Azzaro for men: a timeless fragrance, virile and seductive.

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