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Hogan and Aston Martin presented their brand new collaboration last week during Men’s Fashion Week in London. Starting from the idea of an essential shoe for men of action, these two luxury giants brought the world a very special sneaker collection for Fall/Winter 2018. “Collaborating with brands that share our values, quality, aestheticism, and elegance is important for us,” tells Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer for Aston Martin. Aston Martin’s modern and timeless aesthetics do indeed fit this luxury sneaker trend-setter perfectly – Hogan founded its renowned Olympia, the brand’s iconic style, and it’s with these lines in mind that the curves for the new Aston Martin x Hogan shoe were imagined.

Both united by a unique and magnificent craftsmanship, these brands brought the world an exclusive sneaker that reflects with rare precision the elegance of an Aston Martin sports car’s silhouette. The shoe’s leather details come from the same leather used by Aston Martin’s artisans. By enlarging the possibilities of sneakers, this line of shoes pairs leather with nylon once more to balance a casual, refined, contemporary and urban look that’s all-in-all quite timeless. On the shoe’s exterior, leather bands are like masterful stripes of color that watch over the sewed materials with particular attention paid to the details.

The shoe’s tongue is also fashioned in classic Aston Martin leather – with a kestrel color, the manufacturer’s signature, the stitching details majestically incarnate Aston Martin’s iconic wings. Each of these Aston Martin x Hogan sneakers is also created with the same standards of quality that clients of the most luxurious of English sports car manufacturers have come to expect. By teaming up with the master of casual luxury shoes, Aston Martin is taking its first steps into the shoe universe with a piece that mixes sophistication and technology. Available in four colors that fit the shades of the Fall/Winter 2018 season, this shoe will be produced in a limited edition of 3,000 copies. Check it out at the end of June!


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