Vivienne Westwood’s Signature Graphic Suit Fall-Winter 2017-2018

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“This is the story of a lucky, intellectual, artistic, adventurous young woman. […] He and her play with unisex and interchangeable threads.” This is how Vivienne Westwood’s collection kicked off, a collection founded on a desire to anchor the label into current affairs. Global warming, over-consumption… it’s all part of the same problem for Westwood, and it always has been. “Buy less, choose them well, make them last. This limits exploitation of the planet’s natural resources,” she pipes in. In this regard, Westwood has often been the torchbearer for sustainable fashion.

From the very beginning, by introducing punk to the catwalk, Vivienne Westwood took pleasure in bringing male and female models down the runway together, often in asexual or unisex pieces. By this time presenting a collection that fuses men’s lines, usually presented in Milan, and women’s (Red Label), Vivienne Westwood is able to produce looks that are each more desirable than the last. Among them, this graphic suit that looks like it was tailored with a scalpel, benefitting from all of Westwood’s classic codes.

We can find here the signature of folds and drapings where, in a very 70s-esque line, the collar becomes brutally imposing. But make no mistake, with Westwood the line is always light, laid back. There’s no sense of shutting up a personality inside a straitjacket suit. It’s without a doubt for this reason that the legendary striped costume takes on allures of a dandy piece, with the nonchalant aura of men dedicated to real causes. The graphic suit from the Fall-Winter 2017-2018 collection can easily be imagined on a spirited woman.

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