Virgil Abloh x Nike by Taschen: The ICONS Book

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Virgil Abloh x Nike by Taschen: The ICONS Book

Taschen’s brand new ICONS book gives a detailed retelling of the partnership between Virgil Abloh and Nike.

Virgil Abloh x Nike by Taschen: A Dive Into the Core of the Creative Process

Depuis 2016, Virgil Abloh et Nike ont offert au monde une véritable révolution culturelle. D’un côté Nike, la marque à la virgule derrière les tenues sportives visant à repousser les limites du corps. De l’autre, Virgil Abloh, l’un des pionniers de la mashup culture dans la mode contemporaine.

in 2016, the crossroads between two of pop culture’s biggest entities culminated in the reinvention of ten of Nike’s most emblematic sneakers. The new ICONS book gives detailed access to the creative process behind this new cultural phenomenon; sneakers as blank canvasses on which everyone can express themselves. 

Mieux, ce livre dévoile le véritable cheminement et, de fait, dévoile aux novices et autres amateurs comment aboutir à créer leurs propres sneakers… En suivant le pape du genre, Virgil Abloh !

The entirety of the recently departed Virgil Abloh’s creative process is described in the book, for all to explore. He who desired so much to pave the way for future genrations through his practice of design and fashion has thus achieved one step further towards his ultimate goal, as the book opens up his creative mind for all to see, effectively showing the general public how to develop its capacity to create. 

Le livre ICONS est une plongĂ©e prĂ©cise qui ouvre et dĂ©taille l’apparence de chaque basket imaginĂ©e pour la collection The Ten, mais surtout le livre offre de dĂ©couvrir l’ensemble des documents rarement donnĂ©s Ă  voir au public !

From prototypes to the actual production of the sneakers: all of is backed up by elements drawn from Nike’s archive as well as authentic notes and recommendations that Virgil Abloh sent to Nike’s design team.

“The pillar of my creative practice isn’t the final product, rather the rigourous logical process behind it. These archives are the paper trail of these artifacts. The Icons book, in a certain way, is the only medium to understand that the 50+ Nike sneaker catalogue that I designed are, to me, a story in themselves, as well as just being “a shoe.”, explained Virgil Abloh.

Even in its own conception, the ICONS book makes Virgil Abloh’s creative mind a tangible object; the very paper that was used for the book’s printing embodies the designer’s astute do-it-yourself mindset which he favored for his own creations.

Thus, the ICONS book offers a detailed retelling, in style and substance, of the now world famous The Ten collaboration’s sneakers; Virgil Abloh’s take on the Air Jordan 1, the Air Max 90, the Air Force 1 and the Air Presto are all included and explained in the book, leaving a detailed storytelling of one of the designer’ many legacies.