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Omega released a brand new collection of Seamaster timepieces in 2002 – the Aqua Terra was born as an homage to the spirit of the original Seamaster. Reputed for its dependability on land and water, the Aqua Terra, as its name would indicate, honors the particularities of the brand’s iconic timepieces. Ever since its launch, the Seamaster Aqua Terra collection has sought to renew itself, the idea being to offer watches that are constantly more contemporary and anchored in trends. In 15 years, a number of evolutions and aesthetics have made the Aqua Terra’s design evolve without ever compromising the foundations of its success – the shape of the case, dial, and hands are unchanged.

Its design borrows a bit from its close family. The Aqua Terra is inspired by older Omega models, notably the classic curved horns that can be found on the Speedmaster Moonwatch and the second generation Seamaster 300. From a technical standpoint, 2013 was the most revolutionary year, with the launch of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra > 15,000 Gauss. This style would forever change the way that watchmaking takes on the issue of magnetic fields. In 2017, the brand has decided to bring back the Aqua Terra look with a more symmetrical case adorned with a wave motif on the background. By pairing urban chic and maritime ingenuity, the cases of the new Aqua Terras, with their curved and facetted horns, recall Omega watches from the 60s. With pure lines and timeless style, the dial is stripped down to leave room for a triangle index, a lively homage to the past.

As always with Omega, an aesthetically pleasing exterior wouldn’t be complete without technical innovations, usually in the movement. This new collection for men and women collection certified Master Chronometer is also a revolution for the Aqua Terra in terms of precision and performance. The co-axial movement makes its first appearance outside the De Ville family. Even better, while the classic Aqua Terra is generally completed by a leather or metal bracelet, in 2017 Omega is making its bracelet out of a metal that’s better integrated into the case with reenforced links. In the women’s version, a screw and pin system livens up the affair. And to incarnate this new unisex collection, who better than the elegant Eddie Redmayne? On this subject, the brand said he was “born to play the role of a fan of the Aqua Terra watch.” His refinement and extreme elegance were also on display in the film The Danish Girl.

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