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This is the type of furniture whose history is eclipsed by its own success and copies. The Saarinen table is indeed one of the most cult classic pieces of furniture in the history of design. Timeless, often imitated but never duplicated, it unites sobriety and elegance to find its place in any interior. Designer Eero Saarinen first released the Saarinen Tulip collection in 1956 – with it, he proclaimed to put an end to “the ugly, confused, chaotic universe” that he observed underneath tables and chairs – the miserable pile of feet would now be a thing of the past. The Saarinen Tulip table became one of Eero Saarinen’s most famous projects – a veritable modern-day classic, the object is exceptional in that has a beveled edge that accentuates its lightness no matter the dimensions.

By relying on his initial training as a sculptor, Eero Saarinen refined his design by taking lines from organic shapes. Made of marble or stratified, the top is held in place by a Tulip foot made of cast aluminum and protected by a black or white Rilsan covering. In other words, the beautiful oval top made of “Arabescato” marble or black and grey grained is sustained by a central base made of machine-polished cast aluminum and protected by a white Rilsan covering. The marble is covered with a transparent polyester varnish that protects it from stains. An example of timeless, simple, and organic design pieces, the Saarinen table has taken its place today in a number of museums, hotels, and galleries around the world. The piece has always been sold by Knoll International – each original piece bears the signature of Eero Saarinen beneath the top, in a union of elegance lightness. This minimally cumbersome design is available in an infinite array of different sizes and marbles.

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