The Ritz’ Chef Barman Gives Air France some French Spirit(s)

Born in 1961 in the UK, Colin Peter Field was inspired by the profession of bartender on a trip to Paris at age 14. Eight years later, with his passion in tow, he would win silver medal for the Best Barman in France competition in addition to being named Best Barman in the Grand Prix Mondial Martini. In 1994, Colin Peter Field was named Chef Barman at the Ritz. Ever since, he has become an artist in mixology and perhaps its greatest ambassador – in 2009, the Barman category in the ‘Meilleur Ouvrir de France’ competition series was initiated at his hand. Now, as Colin Field captures France within a cocktail made for the country’s national flagship air carrier, the result is nothing short of delightful.

Air France and the Ritz Paris have always been motivated by the same passion: perpetuating a great tradition of service, excellence, and exclusivity à la française. By offering Colin Field’s signature cocktail to their First Class passengers, the airline intends to bring French savoir-faire and culture around the world. Since France is anything but boring, this cocktail will also change every three months, while nevertheless keeping a base of calvados, cognac, armagnac, apple juice, or champagne. Ooh la la!

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