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The Rose Passion collection from Piaget pushes open the doors to a blue floral universe. Wandering between the different pieces, the dreamers among us will be swept off their feet by a light and sugary atmosphere. Inspired by the rose, symbol of love, which Yves Piaget was particularly fond of, the collection is partially oriented towards the jeweler’s shared passion with Josephine de Beauharnais. Empress of France and wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, she practically worshipped this flower, growing more than 250 varieties of it in the rose gardens of the Château de Malmaison. The collection pays a romantic homage to this common adoration. And so roses, more front and center than ever, are at the heart of the action and appear on every piece in the collection: a comb, a diadem, a cuff bracelet or “montre-secrète” watch, all pieces cherished by the brand.
Piaget takes inspiration from this floral element in all of its creations and awakens the senses with an idyllic aestheticism that conveys a certain lyricism. To further explore their privileged relationship with the Napoleonic first lady, Piaget has taken it upon themselves to restore the rose gardens of the Empress’ château. And so, in collaboration with the Musée de Malmaison, the jewelry house is bringing this space back to its splendor of yesteryear by replanting more than 750 of its former roses. It’s through this modern and authentic collection that Piaget is bringing us a dreamy and elegant collection, intrinsically linked to their past as well as French history.

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